"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 5 Bonnie Bernstein vs. No 12. Michelle Tafoya

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about, read this first).

When No. 5 meets No. 12, strange things happen. Will the trend continue?

No. 5 Bonnie Bernstein:

Why we might:
Look at the second picture with the red suit. Whoa! That shit is probably more air-brushed than a Playboy spread, but still…hello! She looks ripe and eager…(and may be bottomless in that photo)!
Why we might not: She’s 36, and again, if she’s Jewish, she’s probably got a nice resume…not a professional resume if you catch our drift. Her number of partners probably mirrors her salary!
Regular season “record”: 23 yes-2 no.

No. 12 Michelle Tafoya:

Why we might:
Why we might not: Loose.
Regular season “record”: 10 yes-3 no.

It’s in your hands now. Let’s dance.

Who would you rather do?
Bonnie Bernstein
Michelle Tafoya
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25 Responses

  1. This was actually tough — Tafoya’s pictures go “no, yes, no, yes”, but Bonnie was a “hell yes” all around.

  2. Bonnie Bernstein all the way. She’s amazing.

  3. Bernstein wins this one…but look for Tafoya to get about 18-20% of the vote

    Bernstein is looking forward to her next round match-up with Starks

  4. I was looking at some of the comments from the Boner-Salters whipping…the talk of Andrews ass came up…

    See, I like a little more booty…now don’t get me wrong, Andrews has one of those asses which you could palm like a basketball…but I am a more two fisted ass person…

    I still say Dales may pull the upset!!

  5. Bernstein in a walk. She’s surprisingly hot, and I like her to push through to the semis.

  6. Bernstein is going to win the whole tourney.

  7. “She’s surprisingly hot, and I like her to push through to the semis.”

    ‘push her through to the semis’ – the next ‘make it rain’

  8. the Jew is me had to vote for Bonnie. That and she’s hotter.

  9. I voted for Bernstein but I admit I had to think about it a little bit. While I find Bernstein more atractive, I look at her and wonder if she is a cold fish in the sack…I just dont know……….Made my vote on just facial looks here………

  10. Wow, that first Tafoya picture makes her look like the newscaster who ate it after using the Joker’s toxin in the first “Batman”

  11. Are you kidding me. Bernstein by a landslide. Tafoya is definitely the grenade. You know if you and your boys where out that your flipping a coin and your screwed if you get stuck with that.

  12. that 1st picture of tafoya, she’s a darker face away from looking like Robin Roberts.

    Bernstein wins, now i have to find some other guy for a threesome (2 dicks, wow!)

  13. Another blow out. This tournament is becoming like the Super Bowl.

  14. how does Bernstein lose points for being 36 but Tafoya get credit for being a milf(calling her a milf is very generousby the way) I agree Bnnie’s gonna romp over Tafoya

  15. I agree with those who say this is a one-sided match-up. Bonnie Bernstein could’ve (should’ve?) been a higher seed. This almost seems like a 2-15, 3-14 to me.

  16. A former ESPN personality once mentioned to me that Berstein was regarded of having the best bum in the company. But this was at during Super Bowl XXXVII and might predate Erin Andrews tenure. But it warrants mentioning.

    I also have to take issue with Zach’s assertion that Bonnie is loose. Now, the FOX gals (LeeAnn Tweeden and Lisa Dergran) were more apt to whore around events than Bonnie and she often went home by herself. Or with me.

    Alright, kidding about that last line.

  17. how does Bernstein lose points for being 36 but Tafoya get credit for being a milf(calling her a milf is very generousby the way) I agree Bnnie’s gonna romp over Tafoya


    a. flawed logic or
    b. bernstein doesn’t have a kid. kinda important in the whole MILF thing.

  18. I find Tafoya completely unattractive. I’d like an explanation of how she got in this at all and Pam Oliver got a 3 over Bonnie and Melissa Starks.

    Bonnie by a landslide. I expect her to make it into the final four, if not final two.

  19. Berstein has a nice stache.

  20. Bonnie was a gymnast at Maryland……..Might have something to do with her having a great ass……

  21. I did not know that.

  22. Gotta go with Bonnie.

  23. I know for a fact that Bernstein’s a slut and she has no problem having some drinks and getting dirty

  24. There was a blurb in a USA today column late last week about Bernstein being diganosed with deep-vein thrombosis (blood clots, she’s on meds and will be fine but excessive flying doesnt help her condition.

  25. I happen to know Bonnie personally and she is a pathetic whore who stalks men. I am actually glad she has a professional life because her personal life is truly a sad one. She is a deperate, middle aged bitch.

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