"Would you do…" Tournament: First round breakdown

You guys are a bunch of all-stars for voting in bulk the last two weeks. You’ve helped make history. Hear that? That’s the sound of a fucking U.S. History textbook being re-written.

The field has been cut in half and we’ll kick off our Elite 8 coverage tomorrow. There’s been some dissent about the seeding process, but we counter saying that there hasn’t been an upset.

Not even close.

No. 10 Sam Ryan nearly beat No. 7 Rachel Nichols — hardly an upset had it happened — falling about 50 votes short. But that’s it.

Erin Andrews still appears to be the favorite, with a potential match up of her and Melissa Stark being your mythical National Championship. As for the right side of the bracket, well, it appears to be wide open. Stacey Dales is the hot contestant, but momentum can go up in flames with one poor outing.

Anyway, the rest of the tourney should be fun. History will continue to be written Tuesday. Until then, there’s this other tournament getting going.


8 Responses

  1. I’m excited about the Bernstein-Stark match-up….it seems like B2 has her supporters out there…

    This is one of the greatest brackets ever!!

  2. wow so much chalk

  3. If Erin Andrews and Melissa Stark meet, it would be in the FF, not the National Championship. Doesn’t matter, because Bonnie is knocking Stark out of this tournament next round.

  4. Had I not had a rage blackout when the women’s selection show came on ESPN tonight, I might be able to give a scouting report on Stacey Dales performance tonight.

    Unfortunately, my eyes started spurting blood after the first lay-up I saw.

  5. No way bb can knock of stark. Damn, it’s a shame EA and Stark have to meet before the champ.

    Also, I’d have picked the Sam Ryan upset…

  6. i know RVB. think of andrews and stark (assuming it happens) as your mythical nat’l chamionship match up…the right side of the bracket is weak.

  7. does “one poor outing” always look like “one pouting” to me?

  8. It’s Stark all the way.

    I’m flying to Vegas right now to put a bet down.

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