"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 1 Erin Andrews vs. No. 8 Michelle Bonner

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Here we go. The Elite 8. No more bullshit.

No. 1 Erin Andrews:

Why we might:
Have you seen this woman?! Andrews is ultra-mega hot. Get her in a tight shirt and she’ll give a dude Instant Boner Syndrome (IBS).
Why we might not: We are very open here about our lack of interest in the NHL. Andrews is part of ESPN’s hockey coverage so she’s probably lost about 60 mph off her vocal speed.
Regular season “record”: 48 yes-1 no.
First round: Defeated Andrea Kremer 97%-3%.
Ladies… breakdown.

No. 8 Michelle Bonner:

Why we might:
Take a look at the center picture. With those “fuck me” eyes and naughty smile, it’s more like Michelle Boner.
Why we might not: Dull.
Regular season “record”: 17 yes-4 no.
First round: Defeated Lisa Salters 86%-14%.
Ladies… breakdown.

Who’s cutting down the nets?

Who would you rather do?
Erin Andrews
Michelle Bonner
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21 Responses

  1. I like Michelle; she’s my kind of thick.

    But really, this isn’t even a competition. Erin wins.

  2. I know Erin is going to win this match-up….but I voted for Boner because she is hot and deserves not to get blown out and embarrassed….

    Plus, I will do Boner and love every second of it…unlike Andrews, Boner has some cushion for the pushin

  3. Bonner would appreciate it more. Andrews seems the girl that goes missionary every time out and looks at her watch over and over.

    In the interest of competition, I vote for Bonner as well.

  4. BONER!!

  5. Anyone else think Bonner looks like a bobble head doll?

  6. this contest is a good idea, but there is no doubt Erin will win the whole thing. Ms. Andrews likes anal so of course she’ll win

  7. Easy Money on Erin.

  8. Andrews. Hands down. You guys are kidding yourselves

  9. I love EA – just wish Bonner wasnt her opponent here as I agree with signal to noise…………..Any pics of Bonner’s lower half?

    Any quotes from EA expressing her luv for anal?

  10. seriously if you could get some sort of proof that EA like Anal I think my head would explode

  11. Analgate

    If this is true???….if so I am changing my vote…

    We want actually proof though…not any of this heresay

  12. Do you think Musberger nailed Andrews?….they usually work the same basketball game

    Or how about Herbstreit??…they always work the Thursday night game…

  13. rstiles……………During an SEC game this past year, Herbstreit slipped up and called EA “poopsie”………….

    Maybe Lavin has nailed her, not old man Musburger……

  14. this is a joke. Andrews should have been given a bye until the final 4. The word “overmatched comes to mind.

  15. Zach,

    This is a blowout. If it was a boxing match, they’d stop the fight.

  16. I could see her doing Musberger just to do him….being that Musberger is a sports broadcasting legend…

    She seems like the type who wants to be seen with the pretty boys – like Herbstreit…

  17. I am making a plea to Zach to stop this carnage…Boner deserves better than this…she is being embarrassed….and it’s not like she is some mutt or an ugly woman where we can get the joy of seeing Princess Erin smash her…

    For the betterment of mankind, I beg you Zach to shutdown the polls and declare Princess Erin the winner….show mercy on Boner

  18. rstiles my man,

    poll has to stay up as long as the others — they don’t call the first round 1/16 game after halftime, right?

    with that, bonner is getting an unfair ass whooping. i think bonner’s hot as shit. i’d plow through that!

  19. Bonner’s got the jaw of a prizefighter.

  20. Yea this really isnt much of a battle. EA is more “traditional” sports babe to some.

    I really like Bonner though. hot face, naughty smile, huge rack, nice waist, probably got a shapely rear and man I wanna see her legs. if ESPN gave us more looks at her and her thick juicy body,and some short tight skirts, she probably would be on the other side of this.

    Please throw tha towel in. I like Michelle too much to see her get dropped like this. In real life Michelle would KO this girl easy.

  21. Erin Andrews is just a pretty face. I bet she’s not very adventurous in bed. Bonner would let you stick it in any hole

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