My Boys are Getting Hated On

As a Virginia Alum I’m always intrigued when a major sports media outlet features my team, seeing as we’re not exactly a major sports powerhouse. So naturally I was interested in this article by Doug Gottlieb over on Now you can only read the whole thing if you’re an Insider (thanks ESPN) so I’ll sum it up for you. It says the Wahoos have no business being a 4 seed considering they played a pretty easy schedule (except ya know, the ACC season), and only won one meaningful game on the road (at Maryland). It also compares UVA to Texas, also a 4 seed, and a team that looks to be quite a bit stronger. His beef isn’t so much that we got the 4 seed, it’s that there shouldn’t be such a discrepancy in the quality of the equal seeds in different regions.

Now it’s no surprise that UVA didn’t win away from the brand spankin’ new John Paul Jones arena, because our football and basketball teams have NEVER won anything away from home (road or neutral) since I’ve been a Virginia fan. Now our soccer and lacrosse teams, that’s a different story. The one thing I think he misses is that we came one win away from winning the ACC regular season title, and instead shared it with UNC. This is from a team picked to finish 8th in the conference. That’s a big accomplishment and I like that it was rewarded with a good seed.

My point is, I’m happy to see my boys in the tournament for the first time since, what 2001? 2002? I’m too lazy to find out. My sophomore year of college – does that work for you? That being said, I pretty much agree with ol’ Doug and I think we bow out early. I have us going down to the creamsicle boys (that would be Tennessee) in the 2nd round, while I have Texas making the Final Four. So the guy is right, we shouldn’t be a 4 seed. Or Texas shouldn’t. Or both. What do I know? There’s a reason Zach writes this blog full time and I only chip in now and then.


-Jameson Costello


9 Responses

  1. explain to me why WSU, as a 3 seed, the one most people think will bow out to Oral Roberts? as a UW and college basketball fan, i find that a lack of respect for a washington school like the cougs.
    The East Coast bias lives on.

  2. what happened to the would you do tournament?

  3. i have virginia out in the 2nd round, but Va Tech in the sweet 16.

  4. anonymous – a good question you pose. I myself have no idea about what happened to the would you do tournament. Hopefully zach will show up soon and explain himself.

    travis – I can understand why you would do that. in fact, I think I have the same thing, even though I hate VT with a passion. damn hokies.

  5. As a Hokie, I appreciate your honesty even though it is hatred for the Blacksburg Boys. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Albany upset the Wahoos and the Hokies make a Sweet 16 run.

  6. UVA and WSU are getting no love. I think Wazzu — it pains me to say as a UW fan — has what it takes to make the final four. their draw is tough, but minues experience, that teams scares me.

    The WYD Tourney will continue Friday.

  7. which would be worse? A Cavalier early loss or a Hokie trip to the Elite 8?

  8. I really think Virginia will be out in round 1 or 2 (I have them losing to Albany)… Singletary and Reynolds can be great, but they shoot low percentages and the Cavs don’t get frontcourt scoring. I don’t like their chances.

  9. I live in Cville, and I love this year’s Cavs. However, having seen the difference in how they play in JPJ and how they play on the road…. I don’t know.

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