"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 3 Pam Oliver vs. No. 6 Stacey Dales

If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Will it go to double-OT like Vandy/Washington State?

No. 3 Pam Oliver

Why we might: DSLs (dick sucking lips).
Why we might not: FOX.
Regular season “record”: 31 yes-6 no.
First round: Defeated Heather Cox(xx) 63%-37%.
Ladies… breakdown.

No. 6 Stacey Dales:

Why we might: She’s 27. Tight. (Note the dual meaning).
Why we might not: 34-24-36 Six feet, 155 pounds.
Regular season “record”: 22 yes-2 no.
First round: Defeated Kit Hoover 67%-33%.
Ladies… breakdown.

A trip to the Final Four is on the line…

Who would you rather do?
Pam Oliver
Stacey Dales
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25 Responses

  1. Tough. Like ’em both. Going with Stacey, though.

  2. Dales wins this one easily…Final 4 time babeeeee!!!

    You have to admit, she is looking real good on ESPN lately

  3. I agree with you rstiles thatDales is looking very good on ESPN…………I went with her although my gut tells me that Pam Oliver could suck a golf ball through a garden hose……….

  4. I’m agreeing with rstiles and voting for Dales, too.

  5. Could Vanderbilt get past Washington State? I mean Dales past Oliver?

  6. Have to vote for Pam because she’s not a man like Dales. And she wants to punch Keyshawn.

    Nice job with the seedings giving the transsexual Dales a walk to the finals

  7. Dales. Easily. Pam Oliver has horse mouth.

  8. dales, next.

  9. Dales isn’t a man, she’s hot. Anonymous up there must be a tiny little man.

    I said it last round, I’ll say it again: Oliver looks like Barbaro in that last picture.

  10. when do we start the Ladies… bracket? I got Lady Andrea and TSW as the 1 seeds.

  11. After this tournament. we should do a tag-team….

    Imagine Erin Andrews and Stacy Dales going at it…

  12. in your best dick vitale voice:


  13. Can I choose neither?

  14. Seriously, the seeding was horrendous. Last week we have Melissa Stark vs. Bonnie Bernstein, either one of whom would win against Oliver or Dales in a walk.

  15. Dales.

    Don’t know about those potential Final Four matchups, though. Either Nichols or Kolber will be a tough win.

  16. This is insanity. Are all of you blind? Did you see Pam from the back?!

  17. Gotta go with Pam… Stacey’s looking a little mannish in the basketball uniform.

  18. I am posting as anonymous because I am scared to admit that I voted for an African American.

  19. Dales just isn’t that hot. Yes, she looks like a dude in the picture where she’s playing hoops. And yes, she is likely the ‘man’ in the lesbian relationships that caused her marriage to collapse. As for her looking good on ESPN, I guess if fake tans so pronounced that it causes a person’s skin to radiate is hot, then she’s hot.

    All that said, Pam’s no great shakes either. Here’s to the winner of this one meeting their maker in the next round.

  20. y’all are voting for that twiggy man-looking bitch over those DSLs and an ass that goes for days?

    seriously, the dales voters are like rice cakes: no taste.

  21. Staley Dales all the way!!

  22. Tough call, but having lived in Houston and seeing Pam Oliver in person when she worked at the Fox affliate, I gotta stay true and black.

    Here’s a vote for Cindy Brunson as a sleeper in next season’s tourney. Hot, though a bit less since she cut her hair. There’s a little too much “The L Word” vibe going on there now. Maybe we can put up an NIT version. Between Brunson, Thea Andrews and couple of the FSN babes, this would be intriguing.

    Dales is sizzling lately. Divorce is treating her well.

  23. 129471471

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  25. definitely Pam she has a big ass
    plus white women are built like white boys
    fuck white women

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