"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 1 Erin Andrews vs. No. 4 Melissa Stark

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Final Fucking Four. Bring it.

No. 1 Erin Andrews:

Why we might: Have you seen this woman?! Andrews is ultra-mega hot. Get her in a tight shirt and she’ll give a dude Instant Boner Syndrome (IBS).
Why we might not: We are very open here about our lack of interest in the NHL. Andrews is part of ESPN’s hockey coverage so she’s probably lost about 60 mph off her vocal speed.
Regular season “record”: 48 yes-1 no.
First round: Defeated Andrea Kremer 97%-3%.
Elite Eight: Defeated Michelle Bonner 91%-9%.

No. 4 Melissa Stark:

Why we might: She’s really freakin’ hot — nice hair, eyes, chest, legs, feet, chest.
Why we might not: She’s so hot that we could never enjoy banging a normal girl after running through her.
Regular season “record”: 22 yes-0 no (the only perfect record).
First round: Defeated Linda Cohn 93%-7%.
Elite Eight: Defeated Bonnie Bernstein 63%-37%

Two more wins it all it takes…

Who would you rather do?
Erin Andrews
Melissa Stark
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28 Responses

  1. I’m going with Melissa Stark. Hell, I’d take the chance of everybody else being second class after a chance with this babe!

  2. I went with my fav in this whole tourney – Erin Andrews…Im still waiting to see what motherhood has done to Stark, if anything….Even if the answer is nothing, give me Erin……This is in no way a slight on Stark – in her own right, shes a hottie, just not in Andrews’ league.

  3. Gotta go with the ex-UF Dazzler here.

  4. I’ve been on the Stark train ever since she started at Home Team Sports in the greater DC area back in the day. Andrews seems like the type of chick I’d do once then never call again. Stark on the other hand seems to be a multiple booty call.

  5. I assume by multiple booty call MDG means whacking off multiple times to Melissa Stark’s sideline reports.
    Stark had her time when she was on Monday Nights… but Erin Andrews is the Melissa Stark of 2002. That picture of her squeezing her butt cheeks says a million words.

  6. gotta be andrews.

  7. “Andrews is part of ESPN’s hockey coverage so she’s probably lost about 60 mph off her vocal speed.”

    the above joke has appeared each time ol’ erin has come up for vote. i guess i’m slow, but i have no idea what it means. can someone explain this to me?

    in the meantime, i will decide on who to vote for. this is an agonizing decision- on par with “sophie’s choice”. it will probably take most of the rest of my day to break down the match-up…

  8. I know Erin is going to win…but I voted for Melissa in hopes that it is close…

    All I know, I would bury my face in either of these beauty’s putang!!!

  9. I’ll take Erin here. But she will go down to Nichols. And when you wonder how a 7 over 1 happened, remember that Mini Me called it first!

  10. Damn this is a close one. I prefer blondes and both are hot. Stark seems like the type you’d want to settle down with and 20 years down the road she’ll still be smoking hot. She’d be that MILF. Well I guess she is technically a MILF now.

    Andrews just seems like speed dial number #1 on a cell phone when it’s about midnight.

  11. We’ve gotten to the second half and Stark is hanging in with the top-seeded Andrews. The white guys at the end of the Stark bench are starting to get excited.

  12. Mini Me – I’m sorry… You’re entitled to your opinion. But the way I see it, if there’s anyone out there who thinks Rachel Nichols is more physically attractive than Erin Andrews, they need to have their head examined.

  13. Let’s put it this way….

    Stacey Dales would be the type to wrap those long legs of hers around your face and have you eat at the Y…

    Erin Andrews and her tight little ass would ride a guy like a drunken cowboy…

    Melissa Stark would be that Miss Perfect person during the day…and a lover of the protein shake at night…

    However, the one who would fuck the hair off your balls is probably Nichols…she seems like she would be a FREAK….she reminds me of the type who would keep wanting it like 2 or 3 times…

    So if you want the hair off your balls – go with Nichols


  14. Erin. Easy call.

  15. Gotta be Melissa Stark. Have people even been looking at the pictures?

  16. This is similar to the 2002 NCAA tournament in which Kansas and Maryland squared off in the Final Four and the winner got a less talented Indiana team. You can’t really go wrong with Andrews or Stark and whoever advances to the finals will dominate. BTW, I went with Stark.

  17. I can’t believe Missy is going down!

  18. OK I can buy the argument that Nichols might be more of a freak that the other two, but the other two are SO much better looking that they more than make up for being prudish. And who knows, they could be freaky. Maybe.

  19. Fucking shame Stark is getting beat by this much. Are you guys a bunch of fags? Oh..Erin not Julie..Stark should still win.

  20. Melissa Stark always seems like she is so mechanical when she is on the air, like she is going through the motions. Probably the same way in the sack.

    give me EA

  21. I love Erin, but I gotta go with Stark on this one

  22. Going with the 1 seed here.

  23. Where is Jill Arrington?

  24. We could probably have a tourney of former sports personalities who are hot babes.. Arrington – Guerrero – Tweeden – Dergan…I could go on …..

  25. Stark looks points for allegedly being a fan of backdoor action.

  26. Andrews should have been held out of the tourney, on the grounds that pros don’t compete with amateurs. If she doesn’t win it, there is serious retardation afoot.

    The real battle is in the other semi. Dales is sexy, but her fake tan and probable lesbian tendencies make me lean towards the firecrotch, who I agree would likely drain the last drop of splooge from your balls. Unfortunately, I’ve seen clearer pictures of Bigfoot than the blurry shit Zach posted to display Nichols, so I think RN is going down unless somebody can dig up a better pic before that showdown.

  27. The ass pick wins it for Erin hands down (eupemistically of course). Damn is she hot!

  28. Sam Ryan got fucking hosed!

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