Now they’re just out to get Chris Henry

By now you’ve surely heard that — gasp! — Chris Henry is in more legal trouble. But this time, it’s not pre-meditated murder, armed robbery or grand larceny. Rather, it’s minor traffic violations.

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry, already facing possible NFL punishment for problems with the law, has been cited by Cincinnati police on three traffic charges including driving with a suspended license. Henry, 23, also was ticketed for an alleged improper turn and seat belt violation.

Oh geez. An alleged improper turn. Call in fucking S.W.A.T.

Driving on a suspended license probably was enough to make Henry’s PR people drink a bit harder than usual, and MJD, always good for a laugh, has a nice take over at The ‘House.

Still. Not wearing a seat belt?! A bit extreme, no? Guess that’s what happens when you have the reputation of a felon.

These days Michael Jackson could give a 10-year-old boy a high five and the parents would still call for the motherfucking guillotine. Same deal with Henry. Once you’ve messed up, people will remember.


9 Responses

  1. Maybe they are picking on Henry with these shitty violations…but Henry caused his own headache…

    He needs to understand that from now on, even if he spits on the sidewalk or looks at someone wrong, he could be nailed…

    That’s life Chris!!!…deal with it big boy!!!

  2. It does seem extreme. Plus, shouldn’t they give him a break? He seems likea good guy, never done anything wrong before. lol.

  3. I already had my take at

  4. when are they gonna change the name of the team? And to what? Convicts? Criminals? Violators?

  5. I think they should play the lead role in The Longest Yard 2. So they’ll never have to leave home.

  6. I saw today that Chris Henry is in trouble with the Cincinnati PD. I thought, “That’s it! Number ten! We’re gonna see history!” But then I looked closer at the charges against Mr. Henry. He “has been cited by Cincinnati police on three traffic charges including driving with a suspended license. Henry also was ticketed for an alleged improper turn and seat belt violation. His vehicle was impounded after he was stopped March 21, and he paid $100 to retrieve it Monday, court records show. Court action is pending.”

    And that reminded me of something. Remember the Cincinnati riots in 2001? It all started when a black kid was killed by the Cincinnati cops. Timothy Thomas had 14 outstanding warrants, and all were for traffic violations. He was, essentially, executed for Driving While Black. Wikipedia says, “A local independent magazine, City Beat, published research that an “analysis of 141,000 traffic citations written by Cincinnati Police in a 22-month period found black drivers twice as likely as whites to be cited for driving without a license, twice as likely to be cited for not wearing a seat belt and four times as likely to be cited for driving without proof of insurance.” National trend or localized anomaly, the lawsuit was based on a disproportional number of arrests, citations, and deaths.”

    I had basically forgotten all about this.

    I guess all I’m saying is maybe we should keep in mind that the Cincinnati cops have a rather brutal history of racism. Maybe the problem is less that the Bengals have “bad apples” and more that Cincinnati cops just hate black people.

  7. interesting point, Erik. Don’t know much about Cincy, but minor traffic violatioins seem a bit nit-picky.

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  9. Bad career move.

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