"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 6 Stacey Dales vs. No. 7 Rachel Nichols

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about,
read this first).

Two lower seeds. Two darkhorses. One winner.

No. 6 Stacey Dales:

Why we might: She’s 27. Tight. (Note the dual meaning).
Why we might not: 34-24-36 Six feet, 155 pounds.
Regular season “record”: 22 yes-2 no.
First round: Defeated Kit Hoover 67%-33%.
Elite Eight: Defeated Pam Oliver 74%-26%.

Why we might: If you watch Nichols do an ESPN report, you’ll notice that this redhead doesn’t blink. Like ever.

That really has no impact on our decision, except we’ll go ahead and speculate that she doesn’t, um, gag, either. We see cucumbers, kielbasas and tree branches coming into play.

Why we might not: We can’t rule out that a threesome might involve another dude. Nichols might be the type who bangs other dudes while her husband watches in the corner, sips a mixed drink and strokes his dick beard.

A situation like that has all the makings for something going very wrong. This could be the type of threesome where you wake up the next morning without a major organ and just a note that says, “You can find your kidney at the local flea market. It’s being sold for $10 or best offer. Thanks for a good time. XOXO.”

Regular season “record”: 18 yes-3 no.
First round: Defeated Sam Ryan 51%-49%.
Elite Eight: Defeated Suzy Kolber 67%-33%.

Who’s meeting Andrews in the finals?

Who would you rather do?
Stacey Dales
Rachel Nichols
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26 Responses

  1. I suspect this semi will be down to the wire and require some OT.

    I’m going Stacey. I like tall and athletic over redheaded.

  2. I have been a Dales supporter from the beginning….but the more I think about it, like I said in a previous comment, Nichols is probably a FREAK!!!

    I could see her starting the house on fire then wanting to have sex while it burns…

    Give me The Freak!!!

  3. Rachel Nickels….trust me I know.

  4. Stacy Dales is by far better. Tall blond and athletic what more do you need

  5. Come on people. At least vote for the one who has sex with men.

  6. true dat anonymous, Dales probably has a 5″ clit that she buried 6″ deep in her teammate asses.

  7. Dales looks like she only showered within 24 hours of one of those pictures. Also, I am not sure the carpet matches the curtains.

  8. This can’t be happening! How is My Dear Rachel losing???? NOOOOOOOOO.

  9. Come on people. At least vote for the one who has sex with men.

    Both have dykish quality. I’m going with Dales.

  10. Just curious…

    Why is the entire site basically one big link?

  11. I have no clue how Stacy even made it to the final four, but please do not tell me she gets to the finals…this is sad.

  12. anonymous 9:56,

    what program are you using? Safari?

    the site looks best if you use Firefox, so i reccomend using that if possible. not sure why Explorer and Safari fuck things up.

  13. Say what you want but this was probably the most even match-up…

    Imagine if Nichols can pull this off…she is like the NC State team of 83….she barely beat Sam Ryan in the first round….then had an easy time with #2 seed Suzy Kolber…and now another nailbiter…

    If she gets by Dales, remember what NC State did to Houston…watch out Erin Andrews!!!

  14. Dales looks like she only showered within 24 hours of one of those pictures. Also, I am not sure the carpet matches the curtains.

    Who fuckin cares? Hopefully she has a bald cookie anyways.

  15. you know Dales keeps it trim. maybe she can bring in Brynn Cameron for a little 3-some action.

  16. whoa, we got a close one. I went with Dales but I think it might just be because there are NO good pictures of Nichols on the internet. No, she’s weird looking. But again, it matters not who wins because they will be destroyed in the final (or they should).

  17. it’s 4:08 PDT and this thing is within 2 votes!!!

  18. Check here for a nice clear pic of Rachel http://www.sidelinehotties.com/rachel-nichols/

  19. give me red. DSL win out everytime

  20. I’m going with Nichols. Hope she enjoys this vote because EA is going to crush her

  21. i’ve meet them both…
    It’s Stacey and it isn’t even close…
    Stacey was married as well at one time

  22. Wow, this is a tight ballgame… gotta go with Dales!

  23. For whoever posted the thing about the curtains and drapes… who cares?? With all the plastic and dye going around anymore, what difference does it really make? They’re all pink on the inside and even though I love redheads, there’s something about Nichols that’s vaguely scary. I’m going for Dales in this one (even though she played for…(oh Lord!)… OKLAHOMA!)

  24. RECOUNT!~!!!!!!

  25. Hazel Mae should have been in this tournament

  26. http://www.sidelinehotties.com

    Personally there’s a bunch here that should have been in this contest!


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