We’re 65, Bitch

We’ve never bought that saying, “We’re 65!” for a motherfucking second.

The NIT winner could probably beat over half of the NCAA Tournament field and Wisconsin on a yearly basis. So when West Fuckin Virgina puts the hammer down and prevents a team from the Confederate Flag-flying state of South Carolina from winning its third-straight NIT championship (South Carolina had won two straight titles), we don’t want to here, “We’re 65!”

Instead, the NIT reveals something much greater. The winner is one of very few teams to win its last game of the season. You have the NCAA champ, the NIT champ, and maybe a few teams so bad they didn’t make their conference tourney, but somehow won their last regular-season game.

So this brings up an interesting question: What would you rather have your favorite team (let’s say the Washington Huskies, because really, who’s favorite team isn’t the Huskies?) do: win the NIT or go out in, say, the second round of the Dance?

We’d probably go with NIT champ, in all honesty. Winning a game in the Tourney is great, but winning the last game of the season is a unique feeling that not too many teams can experience. And getting to hang a championship banner ain’t half bad either.

So West Fuckin Virginia, we’re envious. Cherish being the NIT champs. Because you’re a whole lot better than No. 65, no matter what those douchebags at UVA tell you.


13 Responses

  1. Good column….right on point!

  2. If John Beilein can win NIT games on a consistent basis, he’ll always have a home in Ann Arbor. Or for seven years at least.

  3. Oh, and you’re right about the whole #65 thing, Zach. With the advent of the play-in, West Virginia is now the 66th best team in the country.

  4. Winning the NIT is usually fun for the school that is involved. But you don’t get any respect for it nationally…cause no one else notices or cares.

    I think for the overall good of the program and recruiting it is much better to get the real national exposure that comes from the NCAA’s…even if you get bounced early.

  5. I’d take an NIT title over losing in the first round of the NCAA. Because Fullerton is good in baseball, so we’ll take anything.

    But I’d rather have one NCAA tournament victory over winning the NIT.

  6. Is it wrong for me to be bitter than the U-Dub didn’t get an invite? I know it’s the NIT but still bitter.

  7. The NIT sucks balls.

  8. To be honest, I’d rather have my team get to the Tourney and lose rather than get to the NIT. Bascially for much of the same reasons that Mini Me cites in the comment before mine.

  9. The Not Invited Tournament is a joke, and should be disbanded. Anyone who would rather win the NIT than lose in the NCAAs should move to West Virginia and revel in the glory. I feel like I’ve lost brain cells just thinking about the question.

  10. What if they eliminated all of the BCS schools from the NIT, better or worse?

  11. always thinking about the little guys, adam!

  12. wait, was that a knock on UVA? My boys? What’s that about? Hey at least WE won a game in the Tourney. Huh, how about that mr tough guy? how you like me now? WVU can suck it.

  13. I’m with you Zach, quit banging the small school drum, Adam, nobody gives a shit.

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