One Shining Moment: "Would you do…" Edition

The ball is tipped, and there you are…you’re running for your life…you’re a shooting star…

Inspired by the studly “rstiles” of Stiles Points, comes the best of the “Would you do…” Tournament.

Best match up: Stacey Dales vs. Rachel Nichols in the Final Four. Dales eventually won 55%-45%, but the game was closer than the score indicates. Though Dales was ahead the entire time, through hundreds of votes, the former OU hoopster led by as few as single digits with a trip to the finals on the line. Nichols had a loyal fan base and nearly propelled the underdog to the top. It was a game for the ages.

Smallest margin of victory: Rachel Nichols over Sam Ryan 51%-49% in the first round. (With over 1300 votes, Nichols won by just 26).

Largest margin of victory: Erin Andrews over Andrea Kremer 97%-3% in the first round. (Andrews made it clear why a No. 16 has never beaten a No. 1 with a 13,529-416 massacre).

Biggest upset: Nichols over Suzy Kolber in the Elite Eight. Nichols squeezed past Ryan in the first round and then knocked off the No. 2 seed convincingly en route to the Final Four. Kolber was this year’s Wisconsin.

Biggest surprise: Dales’ momentum. She was the last contestant on the original “Would you do…” series and the fan base rallied behind her, pushing her all the way to the finals. Getting past a sultry Kit Hoover in the first round and then taking a detour around Pam Oliver’s ass in the Elite Eight caught us off guard.

Smallest surprise: Andrews’ rise to the top. And not even close. The top seed might go down as one of the strongest ever. She was never challenged.

Greatest injustice: The left side of the bracket. Melissa Stark and Bonnie Bernstein were both probably championship quality, and Michelle Bonner and her bedroom eyes had a bad draw meeting Andrews early on.

Thanks to you all for playing. Really. The votes, comments, emails…it was all great and made this tourney lots fun for all (except for maybe the female sportscasters who were either a.) left out of the bracket or b.) got routed.)

“Would you do…” will be back soon. Promise.


9 Responses

  1. Zach, the pleasure was all ours!!!

    Here are a few to add to the list:
    – Dana Jacobson – 1 word – JUGS
    – Holly Rowe – seems like she can knock down a case or two
    – Chris McKendry – those eyes!!
    – Sage Steele – the newest ESPN hottie
    – Hannah Storm – an ole veteran

  2. Erin dominated. But Rachel is my real champion.

  3. In this Tournaments of Tournaments, it was we the fans who were the true winners.

  4. rstiles – Sage Steele is a hottie??ugh. I do however agree with you about McKendry’s bedroom eyes

    Do we have to wait till March for the next bracket? Or can we get a who would you do NIT with girls who didnt make the big tourney

  5. I like the NIT idea……….

  6. Dana Jacobson? She could have played middle LB on my D III college football team.

    The left side was silly stacked. Andrews, Stark and Bernstein were three of the top four. Andrews-Stark should have been the final.

    And Pam Oliver was screwed. Check youtube for “pam oliver ass.”

  7. I keep coming back here a few times a week hoping to see a new contest ar at least another “hottie” to rate…….You spoiled me.

  8. Sage Steele deserves to be in there next time around

  9. Definitely need Sage Steele in there.

    Dana Jacobson does not; but if you do include her, McKendry or Storm, then you have to reach back to early ESPN days and include Robin Roberts.

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