Hot or Not: C. Vivian Stringer

Whaddya think?


(Here’s a
better pic).

19 Responses

  1. I’m sure she was ten years ago, but now…not.

    I will add I was rooting for her over more Summitt domination.

  2. are you fucking kidding?

  3. uh… she is not.

  4. Uhhhh…..this ain’t funny….STOP…STOP!!!!


  5. eek

  6. Saw her in the post-game press conference. A definite Not.

  7. How much tequila have you drank tonight?

  8. Not. All though I’ve probably done worse.

  9. AAAAAHHH, Don’t do that to me!

    A better choice would be the Coach who just left Duke and went to Texas. Kinda cute in a soccer-mom sort of way.


    Here is the coach I’m talking about. Not hot per se, but definitley do-able

  11. Dude….what is your problem? I can’t eat anymore. The lesbian LSU coach is hot though.

  12. must’ve been beer goggles…but like 10 years ago she was probably aight.

  13. I had beer goggles too. I mean I saw her and started pouring alcohol directly into my eyeballs.

  14. @wastingcompanytime

    You just like her because of that facial expression she’s making, huh?

  15. I pretty much agree with most of the comments.

  16. Without a doubt the dyke coach is way hot….Pokey Chatman

  17. i prefer brenda frese.

  18. get real you sexist worthless human beings. Do you even know what an amazing person C.Vivian Stringer is? She lost her husband to a heart attack 13 years ago and has raised on her own a special needs child. And you sit in here and talk about whether she is hot or not. You are what is wrong with this world

  19. She looks like an older, wrinkled version of Wanda Sykes. And I ain’t no fan of Wanda Sykes……

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