The Giants aren’t going to score any runs all year

OK. That headline is blatant lie. The San Francisco Giants will score a run this season. Maybe even two. There are like 8,000 games in the season, so the chance of getting shut out of the entire year would probably be along the lines of historic.

But after a 7-0 Opening Day stinker, who knows if the Giants’ anemic lineup — Ray Durham, ladies and gentleman, is your cleanup hitter — can manufacture a run.

From our favorite SF Giants blog, McCovey Chronicles:

The game in summary: The bullpen wasn’t good, the lineup was awful, the bazillion-dollar ace was okay-not-great, and I don’t like watching Pedro Feliz play baseball. That has the potential to be a season in summary.

Pedro Feliz is still my least favorite player to watch from the past decade. The line between rational dislike and irrational hatred is now completely indistinguishable in my own mind. Is Cla Meredith good enough to get other hitters to chase that 3-2 sinker nine feet off the plate? Or is Feliz just that bad and there is no hope and the team is doomed and I can’t believe this team really plans to give him 600 plate appearances? Feliz is a complete failure of imagination on the part of any general manager who thinks he could be of any use to a starting lineup.


Expectations around the Bay are pretty low, but still. Shut out? We’re aware that Opening Day is just one game — our editor/boss at The Seattle Times just gave us a throat-slash gesture after hearing what sounded like a cliché get written — but that first game seems to dictate the mood for the season.

And that mood is going to be pretty foul. We might piss ourselves if the G-men break through for a run today. Though if they miraculously do, it’ll probably be unearned.


7 Responses

  1. I need Giant runs — Bonds was the best LF available when I got to that position in the draft for my fantasy team.

  2. at least we have our real ace pitching today

  3. Did you know an angel gets its wings each time Barry Bonds get hit by a pitch?

    Oh who am I kidding. This is going to be the longest winning streak we’re going to have all year. 😦

  4. I’m a bay area native, and I’m not surprised to see a Bay area team stink it up on opening day in any sport.

  5. If you combine the number of runs scored by the A’s and Giants on opening day: you get ZERO runs.

  6. Maybe the shutout means that Jake Peavy has returned to form in 2007. If that’s the case, the Pads might actually be the team in the West to finish over .500 and win the division.

  7. At least you got an oppo dinger from Baroid tonight…ignoring the fact that 5’8″ Marcus Giles CRUSHED one to deep left, your boys still scored more runs today. It’s all about baby steps.

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