Dyke College: Boys Allowed!

We received an email yesterday from our pal Rick of the up-and-coming blog Stiles Points, letting us know about some local college that should be getting national attention.

did you know there is a college in downtown Cleveland called Dyke College…..not kidding you…..in fact the last I knew, they also had an athletic program…..about 15 years ago their women’s basketball team played Youngstown State….at the time i worked in the YSU athletic dept and when many of our opponents saw the women’s schedule, they thought that was a joke or something….

Bad new, kids. Dyke College is no longer Dyke College. It’s now Myers University.

From 1941-1994, the school was known as Dyke College. David N Myers, a Cleveland business leader and philanthropist, became the school’s proprietor in the late twentieth century.

Well fuck. And if you answered, “Dyke College changes its name to Myers University,” that’d be the correct response to the question, “How do you ruin a perfectly good Friday?”

Turns out that Dyke, err…Myers, is not just full of babes who love tonguing beaver. They have a basketball team. Men’s. The Pussies (really Mustangs, but Pussies — ya know, like Wildcats but more original — is far more fitting) went 4-22 this past season.

They played like a bunch of dykes. Zing!

3 Responses

  1. Alas, Beaver College suffered the same fate. And before I could buy a T-shirt.

    The page name in that URL makes me giggle.

  2. dude if they played like dykes they probably would have won more games, I mean, look at the WNBA

  3. For one, people need to know the facts. In that year the Mens team played YSU and played them tough, losing 72-59 and the score was closer then that. Also, the mens team went 22-10 that season at the NAIA level in a very tough District and made it to the first round of the National Tourny. I know I played on that team. Also, the mens program was around for over 30 years playing at the Div II level and also the NAIA level. So people need to know facts before making idiot comments.

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