Would you do…??? Round 2

Thanks to all for playing here during the “Would you do…” Tourney. It was fun times and a nice distraction between actual March Madness games.

And since we like fun nearly as much as crack and hookers, it’s time for the next round of prelims in the “Would you do…” series.

New game this time around. We’ve exhausted female sportscasters, so this time we’ll focus on a new group of women to discuss. Yeah…”discuss.”

Round 2 will be all about hot (or not) female athletes. You already know the big ones: Anna Kournikova, Danica Patrick, the Williams sisters. But there are many others out there. Many.

This is your brainstorming post. We’re looking for the next 16 for the second “Would you do…” Tourney. We’ll run the post on the first athlete later this week.

Make it happen in the comments.


59 Responses

  1. Ideas: Maria Sharapova, Candace Parker, Annika Sorenstam, Amanda Beard (former Olympic swimmer and model), Natalie Coughlin (another hot swimmer).

    Morgan Pressel (the 18-year old who won a major last week) is kinda cute.

  2. Lindsey Jacobellis (snowboarder)

  3. Here are some names:

    Sue Bird – basketball
    Amanda Beard – swimming
    Tanith Belbin – skating
    Jennie Finch – softball
    Natalie Gulbis – golf
    Candace Parker – bb
    Ace Clement – former Tennessee BB player and former bikini girl (a must!!)
    Lisa Leslie – basketball
    Jamie Sale – canadian figure skater
    Tonya Harding – what the heck – I bet she would be the best fuck ever
    Misty May – volleyball
    Janet Evans – swimming
    Tara Lipinski – figure skater
    Laila Ali – boxing
    Mia Hamm – soccer
    Pokey Chatman – carpetcleaner – former head coach at LSU

  4. Zach, I have 1 request….please don’t put your girl Vivian Stringer in the tournament

  5. Venus is a nappy headed ho. And she’s got the face of a dude. But yes, her sister should make the tourney.

    Sasha Cohen has to make the cut. Not just cuter than hell, but sexy too.

    Give me Martina Hingis as a darkhorse. Not one of the 16 (or 32) cutest babes in sports, but this is Who Would You Do, not Who Would You Have a Longterm Relationship With. I think we all remember ‘the grunt’. I’d blow my load in about 8 seconds if she made that noise in the sack.

  6. Daniela Hantuchova
    Elena Dementieva
    Marta Domachowska
    Cassie and Jamie Johnson – US Curler
    Lindsey Kildow Skier

  7. Heather Mitts
    Sasha Cohen

  8. Sasha Cohen
    Morgan Pressel

  9. heather mitts – soccer
    amanda beard – swimming
    martina hingis – tennis
    sasha cohen – ice skating
    tatiana golovin – tennis

  10. Ana Ivanovic – tennis

  11. The sisters from the USA Curling Team.

  12. Make sure these are girls where there would be an actual decision. Like who doesn’t want Sharapova? So you have to find some tweeners, like Ashley Force or that new blonde pitching for Arizona.

  13. Jenny Finch

  14. Kristy Yamaguchi–this tourney needs some Asians

  15. thank you Adam, remember, we’re going for ones you actually have to think about. Amanda Beard isn’t exactly a tough decision. Ya know, instead of Maria Sharapova we’re talking about Lindsay Davenport, instead of Sasha Cohen we’re talking about Emily Hughes.

  16. Daniela Hantuchova

  17. Lindsey Davenport, Sarah Hughes, Emily Hughes, Summer Sanders

  18. carly patterson is hot and she’s a gymnast so she could probably bend in some interesting ways

  19. Michelle Wie

  20. I was thinking Michelle Wie too, but she is under 18 and I don’t want to go to jail…

    I’ll say this, she does not look 18…

  21. Anon & Rstiles, I’m glad you guys said Michelle Wie first. Because lets be honest, we were all thinking it.

    Lauren Jackson & Candice Parker would be good. And if you’re looking for Asians, how about Michelle Kwan?

  22. Here is a list of Women that should NOT be on the list becuase they are simply too hot and it would be no fun:

    Tanith Belbin
    Laila Ali
    Heather Mitts
    Jennie Finch
    C. Vivian Stringer

  23. Heather Mitts, candace parker, christine lilly, mia hamm

  24. agreed with c vivian stringer, circa 1953!

  25. Amanda Freed – softball
    Leslie Osborne – soccer
    Logan Tom – volleyball
    Swin Cash – basketball
    Suzanne Stonebarger – AVP

  26. You could probably do a whole bracket of just tennis players, but here are a few thoughts:

    Tanith Belban – figure skating,
    Ana Paula Mancino – volleyball,
    Biba Golic – table tennis,
    Amber Stachowski – water polo,
    Anna Ivanovic – tennis,
    Tatiana Grigorieva – pole vault (giggle, giggle),
    Annie Friesinger – speed skating,
    Lauren Jackson – basketball,
    Swin Cash – basketball,
    Therese Alshammar – swimming,
    Annie Pelletier – diving,
    Sherraine McKay – fencing

  27. If we’re talking american lady golfers, Christie Kerr > Morgan pressler (not too mention old enough to drink).

    There should be a ban on WNBA players.

  28. swin cash good call

  29. WYD Round 3 – athletes wives?

  30. autumn champion and caitlin lowe – AZ Softball

  31. anon 3:37:

    love it! though i believe Our Book of Scrap already has something like that.

  32. How could I forget Summer Sanders….

    Without a doubt Summer Sanders has to be in the top 16….

    My top 4 who are a must
    Summer Sanders
    Ace Clement
    Tonya Harding
    Natalie Gulbus

    Also – you may want to consider Paula Creamer – just because of her name….

  33. Come on fellas, come up with some better content than this. You ought to let people enjoy the KJR Bigger Dance, and wait til next year for Round 2.

  34. My list:

    Natalie Gulbis
    Anna Kournikova
    Maria Sharapova
    Ashley Harkleroad
    Amanda Beard
    Serena Williams
    Heather Mitts
    Sasha Cohen
    Martina Hingis
    Ashley Force
    Danica Patrick

    or pretty much anyone off of this list:

    and yes, we are currently running a Who’s the hottest wife/GF in sports contest.


  35. Add Paula Creamer to my list too.

  36. Since there’s plenty of great candidates, expand this to 64 from 16. Have a selection show.

    No play-in game though — those are just lame.

  37. for round 3, you should have the top 8 from round 2 vs. the round 1 top 8.

  38. big giant gold fucking star for anonymous 7:45. love it!

  39. The LSU coach.

  40. Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas-Eating competitions

  41. Selections Show is a fantastic idea

  42. How can Amy Acuff not be on the list?

    Summer Sanders
    Amanda Beard
    and PLEASE
    The US curling sisters

    I was stuck in Iraq during the Olympics and the only good looking women on tv for two weeks were those gorgeous blondes.

    Maybe you can have them together as one entry into the tournament, a team if you will

  43. It’s all about Margot Dydek or however you spell it. Who wouldn’t want to do a 7-foot-tall chick??

  44. Jenny Finch the softball player

  45. How can you all forget Shana Hiatt? Playboy model and Professional Poker Player…

  46. Former Tennessee basketball player Brittany Jackson


  47. that’s her name, rstiles!

    i could never remember that fucking hot UT player, but you just did it. kudos!

  48. Caitlin Lowe… nice choice MDG.

  49. Maria Kirilenko
    Nicole Vaidisova
    Cat Osterman
    Paula Creamer
    Veronica Kay

  50. cat osterman

  51. Here’s some directions to look in.

    Olympic athletes who aren’t skaters are a little underrepresented on the suggestions so far.

    There are some blogspot sites that list women golfers and tennis players that will give you some more names.

    Take a second look at the WNBA. Don’t forget the black athletes either; list so far is rather white.

  52. How about this one

    Stacey Keibler

  53. Jeanette Lee – the pool player – yowza!

  54. Shana Hiatt might be amazing, but, a poker player is not a professional athlete, neither is Stacy Keibler.

    How about they UF volleyball player that SI’s On Campus featured? Michelle Kwan. Gretchen Bleiler (snowboarder).

  55. May I suggest an alternative proposal? Create a tournament by sport, rather than athletes in general. Under the current format many who should be in are liable to be left out.

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  57. Ana Ivanovic
    More female golfers(they lookin good)
    michaella krajicek
    soccer players are always nice
    diana taurasi(you know she can ball)
    kristi tolliver
    sasha cohen

  58. paula creamer
    stacy keibler

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