Reason 71 why the Giants suck

You allow two hits and lose?!

(We honestly didn’t expect to use that tag again this soon. (Though change “Opening Day” to “Mondays”).


6 Responses

  1. What scares me about this team is that They have the pitching to pick up the hitting, and it isnt. And they are still as good as Seattle.

  2. Yeah, and more importantly, that was a sure W for my fantasy team which went for naught. Score some runs!

  3. I watched the game (go Padres) online and after some early control issues, Cain was flat out filthy. Young was great, but Cain was insane. If Green’s double had been a foot to the left and foul, I think it he would have finished the no hitter. He was that good.

  4. they should’t have let him finish the no-no so as far as I’m concerned I’m glad they got a hit. He was at 100 pitches when Greene doubled and if he kept the no hitter going it would have taken at least 130 pitches or more to do it. Not good this early in the season. I blame Pedro Feliz.

  5. Didn’t the Mariners kick the crap out of the Giants last year kickers suck?

  6. they all suck

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