Local broadcaster jinxes no-hit bid

Sims, right, only believes in ‘written’ law. Random guy, center, smiles awkwardly

Don’t believe in jinxes? Really? Did you ever play baseball? Cuz we all know ballplayers are the superstitious type.

And it’s a good thing the Mariner’s Felix Hernandez wasn’t listening to the local FSN broadcast yesterday, because he might have killed play-by-play guy, Dave Sims.

In King Felix’s masterpiece, Sims was constantly mentioning the no-hitter, and just as we tuned in during the top of the eighth, as the telecast came back from commercial, he mentioned something about being six outs away from the no-no. And then, on cue — boom! — J.D. Drew smacks a single up the middle.

“It just sort of happened,” said an apologetic Sims. “Once I said it…I feel terrible.”

OK, we made that up. Still. Unwritten rule, Mr. Sims. Never, ever mention a no-hitter. It’s fine to think about it, but to talk about it?! You should know better. We haven’t played organized ball since the Pony League, but c’mon man…

It’s like walking out of a office bathroom stall, after lighting up the toilet, when another dude’s in there washing his hands. You just don’t do it.


21 Responses

  1. I was watching that game last night and in the 3rd inning I said to my dad, Hernandez has something magical going on tonight….

    I thought for sure he would have had the no-hitter….his curve ball was breaking 12 – 6 perfectly….

    He is one HOT pitcher right now

  2. I was telling everyone I knew about the non-no trying to kill it starting in the 3rd. Didn’t freaking work til the 8th.

  3. the stupid announcer started mentioning it in the 4th inning when i turned the game on. every change of inning he was mentioning the no-no. what a nappy headed ho.

  4. But when Freddy Garcia was no-hitting the Angels last year, I couldn’t shut up about it until it was broken.

  5. Obviously, if the announcer had been mentioning it since the 4th, he didnt’ jinx it. No, I have come here to admit my hand in the jinxing. I was working and knew nothing about it, until I went to our bar and saw the Pistons-Magic game scroll at the bottom that he had had a no-hitter through 7. I said “Wow” and my manager looked around worried, and I said “This guy’s got a no-hitter through 7.” Little did I know, til I got home, that seconds after uttering that, the no-hitter was broken up. I’m sorry King Felix, I love you.

  6. they talked about it on the ESPN broadcast also. I think. I dunno I didn’t see the whole thing because I was watching the Sharks-Predators game for 19 hours.

  7. As an historical FYI, Vin Scully called Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965 and mentioned that he was perfect going into the 9th inning. Scully didn’t seem to jinx Koufax.

  8. Anyone who doesn’t believe in this superstition has never played nor been a true fan of baseball. If I’m watching a game AT HOME and a guy I like is pitching a no-no I don’t talk to my friends about it…

  9. You, Dave Sims, are no Vin Scully.

  10. Per baseball superstition… his team isn’t supposed to mention his no-hit bid. His teammates are supposed to ignore him altogether and give him space.

  11. Hey Tom

    Vin Scully was allowed to say that because he is God….and that is meant in a positive way…

    Scully is DA MAN!!!

  12. I’m sorry, but you guys are wrong. Announcers HAVE to mention it – it’ll bring people into the game, it adds to the excitement, etc. Dave Shulman mentioned it at least half a dozen times before the 8th on ESPN2.

    It’s the teammates, manager, people in the dugout etc. that can’t say anything about it.

  13. Well the Yankee announcers from what I remember constantly mentioned that Wells & Cone were going for perfect games years ago… and they still did it.

    Jinx is a bunch of crap.

  14. Of course the announcers and the fans have no effect on a no-hitter – but superstitions aren’t exactly known for being logical.
    At the end of the day, I”m just happy the Red Sox lost.

  15. when i got home the game was between innings. i check my email and the first thing i see is an email titled “felix has a no-no going”. The no hitter didn’t have a chance after that.

  16. Phony has it exactly right. The no-hit jinx stuff refers to a pitcher’s teammates, not the guy calling the game or the fans at home talking about it. Any announcer who didn’t mention it would be a total boob.

  17. I agree with Wasting Company Time.

  18. the announcers can mention it without saying “he has a no hitter going.” They can get a camera shot of the line score, or be slick in some other way by saying something like “only 3 baserunners for the Giants tonight, all reaching by way of walk.”

  19. Don’t bring this up to the M’s announcer; he might go all Michael Kay (http://deadspin.com/sports/baseball/i-didnt-know-that-baseballs-unwritten-rules-mentioned-the-holocaust-192319.php) on you

  20. Oops, I didn’t realize the link would be cut off. Here’s the same link to Michael Kay just going off on a radio caller.


  21. What an ass.

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