Vikes’ Griffin arrested; another takedown for the Fashion Police

You always hear about the “Fashion Police.” We haven’t met them ourselves, but are told they lack personality and won’t take bribe.

Seems though that Minnesota Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin got a first-hand experience with fashion faux pas Sunday as he was arrested for not pulling up his pants. Yeah.

Two witnesses told KSTP-TV that the Vikings cornerback was thrown out of the Spin nightclub for not pulling up his pants. The club has a dress code requiring that pants not sag below the waist.

Whoa! Whoa! Hold up…he was sagging?! You can hang a motherfucker for that in Texas. Griffin got lucky in this case. Still, this is just another example of an athlete getting off with a slap on the wrist for a major offense.

We once wore brown shoes with black pants. After spending years in the clink, well, let’s just say we’ll never walk the same again…


One Response

  1. All I know, Goodell will suspend this clown at least 10 games….2 games for getting in trouble with the law and 8 games for sagging

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