The Big Picture: Now MySpace Approved

Folks, The Big Picture is now on MySpace.

We’re not entirely sure what MySpace is all about; frankly, it’s always kind of frightened us.

We’re also not exactly sure what the point of MySpace is — like, what do you actually do? But we think if we get a certain amount of friends, we get a prize or something.

So come be our friend and shit.


9 Responses

  1. I’m scared to go onto MySpace….isn’t that where all those pervs go to hit on little kids?

  2. as they said on The Daily Show, The bad news about MySpace is its full of sexual predators. The good new is, its full of sexual prey.

  3. all these hot chicks keep wanting to be my friend. if only they knew what they were getting into…

  4. Welcome, Zach.

    Teenagers, pedophiles, and emo bands

  5. McBain – that’s exactly why I’m not on MySpace

  6. completely off topic but when you get to the Would You Do athletes, Heather Mitts of the US Soccer team has to be included:

  7. noted, peter. thanks my man

  8. Myspace is valuable to people who are in comedy and musicians. I was forced to get on to myspace because of that.

  9. I suffered the same kind of thing. I’ll be your friend!

    My 16 year old perky nipples shouldn’t get you aroused, as I when I was a 16 year old boy, I had my nipples replaced.

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