The sporting event you would like to attend in person: movie edition

Call it hypothetical week at The Big Picture.

Yesterday we asked if you could go to any historical sporting event, which one would it be? Well, we were talking with some colleagues the other day (one’s a blogger himself) and a new question arose:

If you could attend any sporting event that occurred in a movie, what would it be?

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling…

Karate Kid (“Sweep the leg.” Sweep the fucking leg.)
Major League
Mighty Ducks (Triple deek, bitch).
Varsity Blues
The Natural
For Love of the Game

The comment section is your sandbox. Play nice.


35 Responses

  1. I would probably have to go with Hoosiers for the underdog aspect. But Karate Kid is also a great choice… NO MERCY!

  2. I would do anything to have been there for one of the Black Sox world series games in Eight Men Out, if not just to see those guys play, but to be able to judge for myself if they were tanking games.

  3. It’s unbelievably tempting to choose “Rocky” because the scene in the fourteenth round (where Rocky gets knocked on his ass by Apollo Creed and Mickey tells him to stay the fuck down, but he gets up anyway and proves he ain’t just another bum from the neighborhood) might be the best I’ve ever watched. But would it have been as amazing live? Probably not.

    I guess I have to go with “For Love of the Game”, not because I’m a huge fan of the movie but because I was in the stands last year for the mini no-hitter that Boston’s Devern Hansack threw on the last day of the season. It only last five innings, but by the time the fourth rolled around, people were starting to realize that he hadn’t allowed any hits yet. It was pretty intense, and that was only five innings. A veteran pitcher, in maybe the last start of his career, taking a perfect game deep into the game, having it saved by some great defense…the atmosphere would be electric.

  4. Easy:
    The Natural.
    There is no other that comes close. I mean cmon, the guy was bleeding out his stomach, using a foreign bat and had two strikes on him. He then hits an absolute mammoth shot that destroys the lights. And this wins the pennant for the Knights fo the first time in a very long time. Best movie game EVER!

  5. Another good one is from the movie “Babe” with John Goldman as Babe Ruth. In his last game he hits 3 bombs andd promptly retires. THat woulda been pretty sweet

  6. Like I mentioned in the comments section earlier…

    Both Balboa-Creed fights….imagine if those fights were fucking real….just think about it…especially the first fight when Balboa took Creed to the limit….one of the best scenes in Rocky I was when he knocked Creed down in the first round and they flashed to that bar in Philly and everyone is going nuts!!!

    I still get chills when I watch those fights…

  7. The game in Slap Shot where Reg Dunlop yells “Your Wife’s a Lesbian, A LESBIAN!” to Hanrahan.

  8. You guys should be fucking ashamed of yourself for not putting “Rudy” Ruettiger’s Notre Dame debut in there. Who wouldn’t want to witness the legend record a sack after all the bullshit that he went through. Also, although not a great movie, I would have liked to watch the golf game in Tin Cup where Costner refuses to lay up and hits 50 shots before he finally gets over the fucking water to blow the lead in the tournament. Lastly, do any of Van Damme’s kickboxing tournaments in any of his 47 movies count as a sporting event?

  9. I would’ve loved to be there when Ed “Straight Arrow” Gennero’s Texas State Fightin’ Armadillos upset the #1 Texas Colts.

    Or maybe the Bourbon Bowl won by the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs.

  10. Hey ‘tards, how can you say that these events are better than the great Steve Nebraska’s 81 pitch, 27 strikeout perfect game to win the World Series in The Scout???

    Brendan Fraser brings the fucking heat!!!

  11. My vote is for Rocky IV. Christmas night, Moscow, the communist party, the unbeatable Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa against them all? Sign me up.

  12. WTF???

    Where the hell is Back to School tell me you don’t want to see the Triple Lindy in all its glory!

  13. I agree with Bob, any game in “Slapshot” would be worth attending

  14. As a tribe fan it would definitely be the “major league” game when the indians beat the yankees.

    Although a close second is the baseball game in “the Naked Gun” when Reggie Jackson attempts to kill the queen of England. That would be sweet

  15. The bowling tournament in The Big Lebowski.

    “Smokey, you are entering a world of pain.”

  16. @derek:

    dude, is that a Necessary Roughness reference? that’d be tight!

  17. any game from “Angels in the Outfield” or “Little Big League.”

    ok just kidding.

    ooh how about some shit from Gladiator. In real life that shit was savage. As long as you were a landowner or whatever it would have been sweet.

  18. That Henry Rowengartner from “Rookie of the Year” sure could throw a mean heater.

    (Fuck it if he’s 12. The Cubs could use him right about now)

    And what about Michael Jordan playing ball with some aliens?! “Space Jam”, anyone?

  19. zach, you’ve done it again, and that karate kid picture is awesome

  20. bloodsport. the answer is bloodsport.

  21. without a doubt it’d have to be the World Arm Wrestling Championships in ‘Over the Top.’ Of course I’m talking about the final 2 matches, because it doesn’t really get any better than that movie!

  22. I would definitely have to go with the game in Teen Wolf where Scott became the werewolf, I’d like to see that. Plus maybe I could meet a werewolf and legendary coach Bobby Finstock in the same day.

  23. Rocky IV fight between Rocky and Drago. Best fight ever

  24. oh wait, for reals though, how about some of the matches in “Baseketball”?

  25. Albeit it wasn’t the greatest of movies, but to be there for the 1980 USA vs Soviet Union Semi-Final Olympic Hockey game. That in itself ranks up there as possibly the greatest sports story ever!

    Second, maybe the Ali-Frazier fight or the Ali-Foreman fight from the movie Ali.

  26. Akeela and the Bee… Anyone?… Anyone?

  27. The Allies vs. The Nazis in “Victory”. Pele scores on a bicycle kick. “Rocky” plays goalie, and stops a penalty shot. Too cheesy. Too cool.

  28. How about the whip cream scene from Varsity Blues?

  29. not sure the whip cream scene counts as a sporting event, but either way, yes please!

  30. The Ty Webb/Danny Noonan/Al Czervik vs. Judge Smails/Dr. Beeper 4 ball match in Caddyshack.

    $10 the Smails kids picks his nose.

  31. i’d check out…

    -peter strauss beating the record in “the jericho mile”

    -nick nolte tossing the chair in “blue chips”

    -warren beatty popping off the stretcher in “heaven can wait”

    -the group end zone dance at the end of “the replacements”

  32. Holy Shit! 32 Comments in and no one has gone with Rollerball? I’m talking the original. The one where Paul Newman wastes that guy for putting Moon-Pie into coma. I’m there, banging on the plexiglass, yelling “HIT HIM AGAIN! HE MIGHT STILL HAVE SOME CORTEX FUNCTION LEFT!”

  33. For my money, I’m thinking of going to either the “US National” tournament (or whatever fake name they used instead of the “US Open”) that Happy Gilmore wins (tumbling TV towers, “Jackass” screaming nutjobs, a golf ball on Frankenstein’s foot – what more could you want?) OR the volleyball game in “Top Gun.” How many chances do you get to see a 5’2″ guy spike a volleyball, then ride off on his rice rocket?

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