Buy ‘Late Night Talking’…or else

[shameless plug]

See that graphic? Yeah, it’s the cover of a book.

See the name? Look familiar?

It should. That’s the latest novel from our aunt Leslie, who would win the “Best Writer in the Family” award.

This is her second novel after spending years on the publishing side.
We highly encourage to pick up a copy of the book for the cheap price of $14.96 plus tax, plus shipping…still, for about $15 plus tax, you could probably buy 1/5 of a hooker, which, well, we’re not sure what that’d entail. And do hookers charge tax? Our guess is no, but the world has surprised us lately.

Anyhoo, pick up your copy (a good gift to the girlie perhaps). You can buy it online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookSense or Books A Million. And check out our aunt’s website. Lots of family background there, ya know, if you want to like know about us and all.

[/shameless plug]


4 Responses

  1. That’s how you know you’ve made it…when family members are asking for a plug on your website…nice

  2. what is this book about anyway???

  3. Yay for Milo and Doc!

  4. It runs in the family! Who knew? If she has contacts in the world of childrens book publishing, let me know. Got a couple manuscripts with my name on them. 😉

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