Warriors now playing in honor of fallen freeway

No more bullshit. The Mavs may have gotten Game 5, but Dallas’ chances in Game 6 are gonna go up in flames like Eastbound I-580.

(Tug-job to The Beautiful Game for the idea).


6 Responses

  1. RIP 80E-580E overpass and 80W-880S connector.

    and go Warriors!

  2. Man, you have really sunk to a new low. Some of us have lost freeways, jerk! The timing, man this is just too insensitive.

  3. man, guess you’re right adam.

    bad taste.

  4. Much like AIDS, people bitching about being stuck in traffic is hilarious.

  5. This incident would have been way cooler if Keanu Reeves and a flying bus were involved. Now that’s something to play for.

  6. Yeah Zach, just way too soon.

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