Word Association: Jeremy Giambi

The video is the play now known as “The Flip,” where Captain Pussyman makes a pretty good defensive move to best the A’s in the 2001 playoffs.

But that play will live in Bay Area infamy. As will Jeremy Giambi.

The player is, of course, Jeremy Giambi. The word that comes to mind? Let us know in the comments.


13 Responses

  1. We had the wrong Giambi at CS Fullerton.

  2. i won’t give it away, but i’m glad to see this posted

  3. painful, and blown call (I think he steps on the plate before Posada tags him)

  4. slide you stupid mother fucker and i don’t have to see that play 4 millions times every year

  5. Two words: Slide, motherfucker!

  6. Maybe if he had done steroids, too, he would’ve been an adequate major leaguer.

  7. poor man’s giambi

  8. He was implicated in using steroids, just like his brother.

  9. This brings back great memories as a Yanks fan….at what age do they teach you to slide in Little League? 8, 9?

  10. Jerk.

    (because of that play and a couple of others, we have to hear about how great Jeter is defensively, which is very wrong)

  11. Say what you want, but often times, Jeter makes the big plays

  12. SLIDE!!!

  13. Love how miserable this makes you anti-Yankees fans!

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