Blogger Reach-Arounds

Because all the cool kids are doing link dumps…

1.) The Beautiful Game’s All-Overrated team is a must-see. Where the fuck is Alexi Lalas? Where the fuck is Alexi Lalas?!?!?

2.) The Musings of GMoney is running the wonderfully-named “The 2007 Glenallen Hill Memorial Toughest Baseball Player Tournament of Champions.” Go over and vote. We hear Curt Schilling’s kind of a bitch.

3.) More tourney action. Our Book of Scrap is running a bracket of the Best Sports Movie of All-Time. Clearly the winner will be Baseketball.

4.) The Ladies… have a fun thing going on. They’re gearing up for the Hottest Blogger in the world. We’re anticipating a top seed after our photo submission being a full-frontal shot.

5. Want a good interview with a sportswriter who actually gets paid? Head over to Stiles Points for the latest.

6.) Lion in Oil tells us how the tap water at the ’08 Summer Games might not be up to par. Aquafina, it’s your time to shine.

7.) Some old basketball dudes may or may not have smoked some green. The Dude Abides tells all.


13 Responses

  1. Uhhh….my pole just vaulted

  2. whoever that girl is should not be in the Would you do tournament because she would win in a landslide. But she should be in it so that I can find out her name and then google the shit out of her.

  3. She is in high school fellas

  4. You’re shitting me right??….she is in high school?!?!?!!?

  5. She is in High School but she is 18

  6. This is why I no longer string prep sports. She’s 18, but dude, she’s still in high school.

    They covered this in a recent episode of the office.

  7. Why is Zach teasing us with that posting….

  8. have your age + 7 = good to go.

    23 divided by 2 = 11.5…11.5 +7 = 18.5.

    I’m good to go!

  9. 21 divided by two = 10.5 + 7 = 17.5

    She’d be robbing the cradle!

  10. Shit….I’m frickin 38-years-old….I could be her damn dad…

  11. hey, anna nicole smith married older. you’d be OK, rstiles!

  12. 25/2=12.5, 12.5+7=19.5. Crap.

  13. Does that chick have a name?? DAMN!!!!

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