Lousy day for Bay Area sports

Hmm. How to avoid a swear word on a morning like this.

Remember like two-ish weeks ago when the Bay Area had a fantastic sports day? It was the day the Warriors clinched the playoffs, if you recall.

Well, yesterday was like a complete 180. Man, one of those days where you’d be much happier if you weren’t a sports fan.

First, the Warriors fell apart. Fell the fuck apart. Gift-wrapped that bitch. Free throws, motherfuckers. Make them. We somehow expected to see Darius Washington Jr. in a Golden State jersey Wednesday.

Those who know us are aware that we’re not big Warriors fans. Never have been. We fully admit to jumping on the bandwagon. Still, that one stung. Imagine how the die-hards feel.

Then the Giants, playing quintessential mediocre baseball, were two innings away from taking two of three from the Metropolitans, which would qualify as a good series. But nope. A run in the eighth, two in the ninth off Blownitez, and you’re left with a 5-3 loss and a broken lamp.

Hey, the A’s were playing the Royals, so all’s good there. What? The Royals won? Get the fuck outta town. Really? The Royals like never win. Yeah, a Triple A team beat the A’s and their anemic offense. A run in the eighth broke a 2-2 tie and Bob Geren was probably seen looking confused.

We’re still looking for that mirror we broke, ladder we walked under or umbrella we opened indoors.

3 Responses

  1. At least you didn’t take the 3.5 fucking points that the Warriors were getting…FUCK MICKAEL PIETRUS.

  2. the warriors melted down like chernobyl last night. that was pathetic. I mean, if Biedrins can hit both his free throws, Pietrus better damn well be able to sink at least one.

  3. awwww poor bay area fan… Try being a Cleveland fan. Things have been going way too well for us lately I just KNOW we are all being set up for a spectacular failure…

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