The Preakness Stakes

You are not forgotten…


8 Responses

  1. oh my god.

  2. Bing Crosby has been riding Barbaro around heaven like a drunken fool. And I stepped in some horse shit just the other day. Damn horse.

  3. too bad about street sense. once again no triple crown.

  4. And nor is the cheeto

  5. Attention boys and girls I’ve decided to create my own footie blog. Seeing as how this is the Big Picture I figure soccer fits into that picture, doesn’t it? So far I’ve only delved into Manchester United news but I will soon make posts encompassing all of the world of football, the beautiful game. Basically it’s just my way of getting out the constant football thoughts and opinions that cloud my head. Hope you guys enjoy it!

  6. Oh my goodness………….

    I can’t believe you guys did a weekend post.

  7. affirmed.

  8. You … are glue.

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