Blogger Reach-Arounds

“Blogger Reach-Arounds” is The Big Picture’s link dump that runs every Wednesday. But sometimes Thursday. But usually Wednesday. Send your links — current posts or those within the last week — to by Tuesday night.

1.) Stupid Sideline Reporters looks at the pros and cons of Comcast yanking the NFL Network from its coverage. A nation weeps.

2.) Money Players looks at NBA Lottery magic. Even better if on magic mushrooms.

3.) Lion in Oil tells…err…shows how a wet t-shirt contest broke out at Dodger Stadium. Don’t get us started on Dodger fans…

4.) Stiles Points, always good for an outstanding Q&A, is joined by Sooze of Babes Love Baseball. Babes love other things too that involve wood.

5.) Whoa. A bit windy at a soccer game. Credit The Beautiful Game with the find.

6.) Larry Brown Sports with a video of that hot chick from those Right Guard commercials. Ugh, athletes, um, wear body spray? Still looking for the sports angle, but the video’s sure to get a stir in your pants.

7.) Would you do Tina Cervasio? Mark us at negative two drinks and some S&M shit. One More Dying Quail reports…

8.) Signal to Noise — check out the new digs — tells us about how USC swiped an Arkansas QB.

9.) The Fan’s Attic is waaay juiced about the Blazers winning the lottery.

10.) McNabb to the Chicago? I Dislike Your Favorite Team unearths a rumor.

8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the shout-out…

    …sorry, distracted by spilled beer on boobs. It happens.

  2. I agree with S2N….it’s only 7:00 on the east coast here and that picture got me horny has hell….

    Damn, my engines are rolling now

  3. thanks for the reach around. and, yes, i am incredibly excited about the blazers. hell, i’m even happy for the sonics.

  4. How about an improptu “would you do…” with that wet t-shirt chick? My answer is hell no.

  5. HELL YES!!!…I would do that drunk chick….she is not Erin Andrews, but she is drunk, not that bad, and has a nice rack….

    She would be someone who would be into dirty sex….like maybe rolling around in stadium mustard or nachos…

    2 LIs and a big smile on my face!!

  6. Thanks for the link Zach, you are also the 1st person ever to link to a specific post in my blog.

  7. you know what rstiles? you convinced me. She isnt much to look at (butterface!) but you just KNOW she is a freak in the sack. I’m changing my answer to yes

  8. Exactly!!!

    I’m not saying I would seriously date her….but I guarantee that she would fuck the hair off your balls…

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