Happy Veterans Memorial Day

Like you (presumably), we’re taking the day off.

Have fun today. Go smoke some shit. Then maybe play with yourself.

We’ll see ya tomorrow.

(FYI: We have zero idea who that chick is, but when we typed in “Memorial Day” to Google Images, she conveniently appeared. You’re welcome.)


10 Responses

  1. The photo – Nothing like a good ole fashion American whore on Memorial Day…..there is nothing better!!!

  2. You claim to be a writer, yet you still put “YOUR welcome”… Pretty much sums up my opinion on the content quality of this site: shitty.

  3. whoa whoa whoa. The content quality of this site is outstanding. The writing isn’t exactly top notch but this site lacks a paid editor to catch common mistakes.

    To sum up my opinion on the content quality of your comment: shitty.

  4. anonymous,

    thanks for pointing that out. commenters are the closest thing to editors we have.

    so thanks.

    and MDG, thanks for having my back.

  5. I’ll never stop being fascinated by people who point out the simple grammar mistakes in these posts. Like MDG said, these posts are mostly top of mind type thoughts. I know mine are, and I never go back and check for mistakes (and it shows). Anonymous is the kind of guy who sits in a comedy club and refuses to laugh because a comic ended his sentence with a preposition. I’m sick of these douche bags.

  6. youre still my boy zach!!!

    i guess there is a positive to no one reading my blog, because it’s full of those as well

  7. Hope your Memorial Day was good as well!

  8. oh, and zach, in your comment here I noticed you didn’t start the sentences with a captial letter. i’m through with this blog!!

  9. I think anonymous’ name is

    Colin Cowherd, bitter divorced radio a-hole.

  10. I usually catch those mistakes and either alert zach or go in and fix them myself. my bad for not looking at the blog yesterday

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