Word Association: Ron Artest

That video is our favorite 8:23 of NBA action in the last, oh, 200 years. Just savagery on a colossal scale. Maybe we’re idiots for thinking that’s the best thing to happen to the Association since Michael Jordan, but hey, we’re suckers for entertainment. And Spurs/Pistons, yeah, we’ll opt for Seinfeld re-runs, thanks.

The player is Ron Artest. (Though you could substitute just about any player then on the Pacers). The scene is the Palace at Auburn Hills. The day? When the NBA had life.

The word that comes to mind? That’s what the comments are for, riot fans.


11 Responses

  1. crazy european soccer hooligans

  2. Tru Wariers.

  3. Thugs Inc. takin over da hoop game….you know what I mean boyz!!!

  4. Steven Jackson.

  5. fantastic!

  6. Jermaine O’Neal’s running straight left.

  7. I can’t believe Jermaine didn’t kill that guy, Pyle. He absolutely flattened him.

  8. “We gotta sign this guy!”

    -What some moron on the Kings thought afterwards

  9. jamal tinsely and broom

  10. Why isn’t this guy on the Jailblazers yet?

  11. Who said it’s gonna be Spurs/Pistons? >.>

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