Take your pick: On-field blowup or press conference meltdown?

Maybe we’re comparing apples and oranges, but stay with us here.

By now you’ve surely seen the level-headed manager from the Mississippi Braves who acted completely calm and collected after getting ejected from a game last week. He didn’t even play Make-Believe War. Sane motherfucker.

Anyway, it’s perhaps the best on-field tantrum we’ve ever seen. Who knew the rosin bag had a pin to pull? Who knew?

And then there’s Jim Mora, who, since a November press conference in 2001, has brought joy to sports fans’ lives.

The game’s easy. In the comments, pick your favorite clip: on-field tirade or press conference explosion. The best part about a game like this, there are no losers.


9 Responses

  1. Rosin bags were used heavily in Vietnam.

  2. Jim Mora was the better meltdown by far!!!

    That manager made a dick of himself and to me, it was clear he wanted the attention on himself in order to be on Sports Center…there is nothing better than a good argument with the ump, but this douche bag went way to far because he wanted the spotlight

  3. Jim Mora has a long, extensive history of going insane at press conferences. I’ll go with him. Diddly poo.

  4. yeah I got to go with Mora on this one and I agree with rstiles, I think the manager wanted the attention. nobody thinks it’s ok to throw a tantrum like that unless they are:

    a) actually insane
    b) trying to make a scene

    My guess is b.

    That being said, it was a great blowup and the rosin bag trick was amazing. But Mora is just so genuine and obviously not premeditated. My question is, do we have video of that other minor league manager from last year who re-enacted the play at second base, complete with belly slide?

  5. I prefer the press conference meltdown, just because of the nature of the situation. Typically, coaches don’t want to be there in the first place, so they’re just itching for a fight.

    I liked Denny Green’s post-Bears game meltdown this past season. It just worked on so many levels.

  6. the more I think about it the more I love the rosin bag as grenade move. I compare it to creative end-zone celebrations. You only have a very limited set of resources at your disposal. Pulling out the bases is pretty played out by now, as is kicking dirt. Even tossing coolers and balls and bats has been done. But I’ve never seen someone use the rosin bag in a tirade. Just like using the end zone pylon as a golf club or your towel to wipe the baby’s bottom. Creative use of the props you have on hand. I love it.

  7. Press Conference Explosion. The most quotable explosion of all time.

  8. I’m all about the press conference blowups… gotta love em.

  9. God, I love that clip…

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