The anti-Jay Busbee campaign

When it comes to being a hot blogger, no one is further off than Jay Busbee. Vote No on Jay Busbee for Hot Blogger.

Jay Busbee is a Southern aristocrat whose ancestors were slave owners.

Jay Busbee masturbates to pictures of lynchings.

Jay Busbee does the Tomahawk chop at Atlanta Braves games.

Jay Busbee’s drinking buddies are Duke lacrosse players.

Jay Busbee uses the word “gay” as a noun.

Jay Busbee flies the Confederate Flag from his front porch.

Jay Busbee owns a gun…a shotgun.

Jay Busbee roots for Duke.

Jay Busbee wears mock turtlenecks.

Jay Busbee admits to sleeping with dead hookers.

Jay Busbee says, “y’all.”

Jay Busbee dyes his hair.

Jay Busbee practices voodoo.

Jay Busbee once ate the liver of his nephew.

Jay Busbee has been published on

Jay Busbee still refers to Northerners as Yankees.

Vote No on Jay Busbee. (Vote Yes on The Big Picture).

This ad has been paid for and supported by the, “Zach is a sexy stallion and you should all vote for him, or else…” campaign. Some information provided above may be false. But it’s mostly true. Like 98%.


16 Responses

  1. That is the funniest thing I’ve ever read. You are truly a beauty Zach, well played.

  2. Is it just me or does he look a little like a young Bill Clinton?

  3. I thought you said you were running a smear ad! My God, man, this is going to be my campaign speech for the next round! (That’s right, I said NEXT round!)

    My rebuttal shall be posted shortly.

  4. dude it’s all about that picture! get your abs out to the ladies of the blogosphere.

  5. The SGS response:

  6. This was going to be the hardest choice for me this round, but congrats Zach, even as a southern blogger myself, I’m voting against Mr. Busbee. Today anyway.

  7. Jay also likes Joe Buck, and gets turned on by the voice of Tim Mccarver.

  8. I hate to be “that guy” but I think you mean that he uses the word “gay” as an adjective, as in “thats so gay”

  9. uh-oh, sports gone south appears to be down… a sneak attack by TBP?

  10. Damn, if only…I had a story get linked to by Sports Illustrated this morning and it totally swamped my site.

    I mean…Zach sucks! Damn you, Zach!

  11. WCT,

    I wrote the “gay” thing correctly, to further Jay as a bigot…

    most people use “gay” as an adjective: that’s so gay.

    the way i intented it is that jay says, “he’s a gay.” or “I hate gays.”

    as a noun, it becomes hateful. that was the intention!

  12. kind of like “she’s a talent.” which clearly refers to bea arthur

  13. You got my vote, but it doesn’t look like it’s doing any good right now!

  14. I should have never questioned you Zach!

  15. regardless, you’d never have been THAT guy, WCT!

  16. Good game, my man. You may have lost, but take heart–my great-grandchildren are going to be turning up “Jay Busbee masturbates to lynchings” on Internet searches a hundred years from now and wondering what the hell kind of family secrets they didn’t know. So your revenge will live on…

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