Boston Fans Wuss Out on Bonds

(Hey kids, this is Marco from Just Call Me Juice. I’ll be the first of your guest writers while Zach is off getting drunk in the woods)

Zach isn’t even here, but you are getting a post about the Giants. That’s because since I now live in Boston, I got to see Barry’s “epic” trip to Fenway last weekend. And after almost a week of build up by the Boston media as to how bad the fans would treat Bonds, the Sox fans were actual quite terrible in their heckling of Bonds. Hell, Barry even said he enjoyed his trip to Boston. Yes, the same Boston he said was too racist for him to ever play there. I don’t think you would ever hear that from Barry about Philly, a place that knows how to boo. Very disappointing with zero creativity. Asterisks? Wow, never saw that one coming. Syringes? Very original.

I made my into Fenway for Game 3 of the series, the one where Bonds took Wakefield deep. You could actually hear some cheering after Bonds hit the homer (granted, their was a large number of Giants fans in Fenway….who knew they traveled?) which was eventually turned into boos. I guess with all of the creative taunting of A-Rod and the rest of the Yankees over the years, I expected too from Sox fans. Oh well, I’ll just have to go back to throwing D-Batteries at Bonds from the outfield of Citizens Bank Park in Philly and hating Sox fans. At least Philly fans know how to heckle. And oh yeah, fuck (wouldn’t be a TBP post without fuck, would it?)


4 Responses

  1. During game two of a four game series in Philly, Barry dropped a routine fly ball and struck out in the top of the 9th after Cole Hamels threw him 5 straight changeups. It was perfect. Our treatment of him that series somehow made up for the other stuff we’ve done (like the Michael Irvin incident).

    Contrast that with Mets fans who boo Chase Utley just because he single handedly beat them one game…

  2. most of the fans that go to the games are douchebags to begin with…they make the tickets too pricey and the seats too small for real fans…so we get stuck with remy and d.o laughing like schoolgirls…and the pink hats…no comment

  3. Who’s the guest tool? Hope he comes to Philly so I can throw batteries at him

  4. The Giants were too weak an opponent for the Red Sox to care, apparently. What a crappy series.

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