Setting The Record Straight

Hello smut fans, it’s your old pal NFL Adam from The Hater Nation. Now, it’s hard to imagine a Big Picture fan not being familiar with THN (especially since our interview here rocked), but it could happen. To get you up to speed with THN, here’s a little taste of what we like to do over there.

The Red Sox winning was the worst things to happen to America over the past 25 years. Bar none, it was the worst thing that could have happened to our country. The only possible thing that could have been worse is if Christa McAuliffe flew a space shuttle full of anthrax into the World Trade Center.

And that was one of our tamer rants.

Now, yours truly has taken quite a bit of criticism on this site (mostly from Wasting Company Time) for being the only person to vote “no” on the Would you do… Erin Andrews? But with Andrews recent appearance in the College World Series where she looked hot during the UC Irvine game, is it time to rethink that vote?


The Louisville baseball team was smitten with Andrews, but come on, she’s not that hot. Andrews is good looking and she’s much better than that other beast at the World Series, but enough is enough. You guys are acting like Star Wars geeks when it comes to Andrews. But she is more Phantom Menace than anything else.

So while Zach LS is away today (and really, thanks for taking off during the lamest time of the sporting year) let’s have a little fun. Now you commenting types need to come up with (at least) one chick who the entire world finds hot, but you don’t believe is that good.

Andrews is my vote, let’s see what some of you guys think.


31 Responses

  1. I tend to find chicks hot, not sure about you though.

  2. First off. before I name my chick who I don’t find hot, I have to ask you guys if you saw Bonnie Bernstein on NFL Live yesterday?….OH MY!!!….she looked absolutely fabulous….I didn’t even realize it was her…the way she looked yesterday, I would take her over Erin….

    Anyway, here is my pick for who I don’t think is that hot – Jessica Simpson….now don’t get me wrong, I would do her faster than a thirsty dog drinking water…but I think she is over-rated….she has a great rack, but she is not all that….

    To me, the two hottest women are Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria…

  3. I will say this about Erin – and that picture proves it – she needs to eat a Whopper once in a while…she is a bit too thin…

  4. My vote is Eva Longoria

    She is tiny, bony and overall annoying.

  5. Jessica Alba jusat doesn’t do anything for me.

  6. Adam, the fact that you can look at that picture at the right and say, “eh, no thanks” never ceases to amaze me.

    My answer to your question is Maria Sharapova. I’m sorry people, she just isn’t that good looking.

  7. oh, and Rstiles, I don’t even know who you are anymore!

  8. Maria Sharapova ain’t that great. Neither is Kate Hudson. But Eva Longoria takes the cake.

    Sorry Horseface, go fuck a French guy.

  9. Personally, Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts don’t spring my wood.

  10. Adam, great post idea. Jordi, great point about Angelina. I don’t get it either. How about Brittney Spears, even back in the best of days?

    And here’s a sub-debate for you; what girls do you think are hot only if no one else has called them hot yet? See, I thought Erin Andrews was attractive years ago before the bandwagon was so full. Now that she’s been “certified” as a hottie, I don’t agree anymore.

  11. Jennifer Aniston. She’s good looking but it’s like she’s a maxed out version of the girl next door. And why did Jolie come out as such the homewrecker when Aniston was effectively the one who broke it off with Pitt when she refused to have kids??

    Wow, I think I just filled my quota for celebrity gossip for the next 2 years…

    And saying Sharapova isn’t hot is blasphemy, although she is 6’3″.

  12. I don’t find Erin Andrews hot either, Adam!

  13. I’d go straight for Erin Andrews. I don’t get Uma Thurman. She looks like an alien.

  14. Jessica Simpson. Other than big boobs she is a skank

  15. Eva Longoria, with Danica Patrick a close second.

  16. Anna Kournikova.

  17. I agree on Jessica Simpson.


  18. Agree with the people above on Jolie, I don’t get it, she looks like Skeletor.

  19. angelina jolie without a doubt

    and much to the disagreement of most people ive talked to, i believe the hottest celeb out there is reese witherspoon. talk about a total babe.

  20. jessic alba, ‘hands down’.

  21. ^^^^^

    This is about hot chicks that you *don’t* find attractive. Not super hot chicks you’d like to bone.

  22. I just got my Maxim top 100…here is their top dozen…

    12. Angelina Jolie
    11. Sienna Miller
    10. Fergie
    9. Eva Longoria
    8. Rihanna
    7. Eva Mendes
    6. Ali Larter
    5. Jessica Biel
    4. Christina Aguilera
    3. Scarlett Johansson
    2. Jessica Alba
    1. Lindsay Lohan

    All I know, Lohan is a freaking crack whore who weighs like 100 lbs…I can’t believe they rated her #1

  23. Give Lindsay a chance, once she gets her boobs back following rehab.

  24. fergie at 10?! hasn’t anybody seen her without makeup? jeebus.

  25. Word on Fergie. When was the last time the Dutchess of York was relevant? When was her selection made, 1989?

  26. I saw 10 chicks hotter than Andrews today alone.

  27. I’ll do anyone at this point.


  28. Alba. I don’t get it.

  29. Longoria, for sure. I like the other Eva (Mendes) much better.

    And I know you all are hot for Florence Henderson, but she just doesn’t do it for me.

  30. Reading the blogs, everybody seems to think Andrews is hot. She’s decent, but she certainly isn’t anything spectacular.

  31. eva longoria is a dirty mexican.

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