Would you do…Brittany Jackson?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Blond hair, blue eyes, tan skin. Do we need to keep going?

The more in-depth answer: Jackson’s a Tennessee native, making one think she’ll show you Southern Hospitality, which, in our perverse head, has nothing to do with homemade lemonade.

We’ve never really been to the South (does Texas count?), so to sample the goods would be, for lack of a better word, awesome!

Why we might not:
The easy answer: She’s possibly a closest lezbo.

The more in-depth answer: Jackson’s not really helping to break that whole “dumb blonde” stereotype.

Her “virtual resumé” doesn’t exactly “wow” you and she seems a bit unsure how to use the apostrophe. Meanwhile, her “skills” include: “basketball, volleyball, track, swimming and softball.” She also knows how to walk and eat.

The answer: A ditsy blonde can certainly be a turnoff. And we didn’t mention that she’s bigger than us. That’s always a bit concerning. But, she’s a friggin’ model! And we think those cans might be plastic…+3. Let’s, for the record, call it two Long Islands for us and some duct tape for her mouth.

All right, folks. The polls are open (nice new edition, huh?). But don’t shy away from the comments. Ever think about banging legendary UT coach Pat Summitt? Probably not. That’d be pretty fucked. But Jackson played for Sumitt, so that could be cool and all.

Would you do…Brittany Jackson
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44 Responses

  1. This may be the easiest choice – even more easier than Erin Andrews…

    If anyone votes no on Brittany Jackson, they are gay – no questions on that!!!…she is one of the finests pieces of ass out there…she has to be a #1 seed in the next tournament…

    ZERO LONG ISLANDS for this one!!!

  2. If you tape her mouth, how is she going to ##### you off?

    Yes, twice, please!

  3. Shit, I almost splooged in my pants when I saw her picture…

  4. Doesn’t seem dumber than any other basketball player.

    But, Measurements: 38-30-38, shoe 10.- We need cup size people!!!

    I’d let he do me.

  5. I’m the only one to vote no so far!!!

    She looks better sweaty and in gym shorts than she does in her “modeling” photos. She has no doubt gorged on Pat Summitt’s wide-bush. This is an easy no, stiles. Look at her face in those model pics. Ugh, so jagged.

    To say that she is on the same level of Erin Andrews is an insult to hot chicks everywhere.

  6. She’s nice, I’d watch Pat Summit strap one on and bang her.

  7. Duh! Yes.

  8. This is a tough one. Her measurements are 38-30-38? I can’t even imagine what that looks like. She does look good in the bikini shots though. I’m going to say yes after 2 LIs

  9. She’s a fatty. A solid NO in my book.

  10. People have mentioned the measurements but exactly why are her measurements (including shoe size) on her virtual resume? This girl is clearly dumb as a brick but after four long islands I’d be more than willing.

  11. I said yeah. She looks muy bueno in that pic.

    Zach, your critiques of the ladies have inspired me to do a cheerleading competition:


  12. She majored in communications….Wont be long before ESPN has her doing something……….

    I voted yes….If I knew about her sooner, I would have watched the Womens Final 4 this year. Shes tall with a nice rack, where do I sign up?

  13. How could you tell me that you would not do Jackson????

    She will no doubt fuck the hair off your back and balls!!!

    Fucking Erin Andrews would be like fucking a dang 2×4!!! She is too freaking skinny (but has a nice rack though)

  14. Without question I’d hit it. In all reality, the Tennessee women’s team is the hottest female basketball team ever (which is like saying that Avril Lavigne is the greatest Canadian female pop act, but still). She and Candace Parker are both hittable.

  15. I said no… and that’s after spending all week sleeping in a tent with Zach.

  16. Why can’t athletes pose for pictures? Mandy Beard, Danika Patrick and this broad all can’t pose for pictures. Mandy and Dankia both that that vapid, deer-in-the-headlights eyes that is just annoying. And this broad has some sort of angry face working.

    Now, I’d do her, but damn, they just can’t model. Any of them.

  17. No fuckin’ way. She is an average looking chick, with a nice, although arguably fake set of breasts.

    I can’t condone gracing her with my penis, plus she’s too big all around.

  18. Brittany is a JOKE! Everything about her is fake! Store built tits, fake blue contacts, fake hair, and a FAT ASS. She lives in a dream world. Out of school two years, can’t get or hold a job. She wants to start at the top, or she is not starting. I went to high school with this chick, NO CLASS! Both of her parents taught at our school. Great People! This chick sat up the FHM shoot by calling them and using someone else’s name, to tip them about herself. Remember when she put her web page out there. She hired a photo guy who had shot for Playboy. When the beach shots were first put up, she called them “the Playboy Shoot”. Playboy was going to sue her fat ass, and made her take them down. “NO” I wouldn’t, besides I’ve been told she likes girls.

  19. Man I have to agree. I was a year behind her at UT. Everything she does is staged DRAMA!! I had the chance to meet her sister Lindsey, Great girl! So down to earth. The two are so different.

  20. Since i know this young lady, and I said lady – most of these comments are offensive and shows the mental capacity of the commentors. She is a fine example of what I would cherish in a daughter if I had one.

  21. Brittany loves this stuff. If not why the Boob Job, the Web Page, the FHM shoot, and on and on. Her biggest problem is this. She thinks she is a Super Model, and she is NOT!!!

  22. If I had a daughter, I would hope she would not feel the need to fill her chest with plastic, in order to catch men’s eyes. Lady?? Look at the FHM pictures, and get back to me on that. I’d say this is a good girl. She is just way to “In Love” with herself.

  23. I would bet that she has voted for herself more than 100 times in this poll! Big Time “Wanna Be”.

  24. I think this site is proof that if you put yourself in people’s faces long enough, they will finally get sick of you. Being from Knoxville, I watched this chick “chase cameras” for four years. Believe me, we got tired of her too.

  25. wow i love how you all have a personal judgement on who she is but most of you have never and will never meet her…

    she is not a dumb blonde, she is a very sweet and caring person, and from what i know of hanging around her, shes very smart as well. you are all jealous that she would never give any of ya’ll a chance

  26. I have been watching this for week or so now. Brittany was blinded by the spotlight that was on her here in Knoxville. She convinced herself that she was a Super Star Basketball player, and a Red Hot Supermodel. Obviously she is neither. Nobody here cares about a chance with this girl, we are just TIRED of hearing about her. She is just an everyday girl, nothing special at all. I wish her luck in the real world!

  27. Talk about an EGO! When she released her web site, she even had a “Public Access Calender”. I was like who gives a shit where she will be in public, nobody cares. She use to have a newspaper reporter in Chattanooga that she would call each time she did anything. I remember once when she was going to sign some stuff at a card show in Roswell GA. The headline in the newspaper read “Former Lady Vol has Roswell Appearance”. I think UT finally put a stop to that, as she had already been gone for at least a year.

  28. To the other poster, Brittany is NOT a Blonde! She gets her blonde from a bottle. I had some classes with her at UT, and I can assure you that the rack isn’t real either..

  29. Guys Guys Guys, give the girl a break! I saw some pictures of her on myspace the other day. Sure she looks old, and has gained weight. But she loves a tanning bed, and doesn’t play basketball anymore. What do you expect? I know she sat herself up for this, but let it go!

  30. Man I see what you are talking about. She looks 40 years old in the myspace recent pictures. She still has the FHM pictures on her page, but that’s not what she looks like now. She had gained so much weight to.

  31. Boys this just goes to show that we shouldn’t fall for these chicks that are completely fake. Find you a girl who likes herself the way she is, without have to have boobs built, and hair bleached. This girl played at UT with a girl who is all natural, and makes BJ look like a joke. Check out Sidney Spencer.. Natural beauty, great player, not a WANNA BE!!

  32. Kudos on Sidney Spencer!! She is a wonderful Christian girl that doesn’t need to have her body built, then take her cloths off in front of a camera, in order to make her mark in life. Thanks for bringing her up.

  33. Looks like all of Brittany Jackson’s self created “stardom” has finally backfired on her. I remember her last game against MSU. She was fixing her hair, a MSU player blew by her, and scored a layup. After that move Coach let her sit beside her and take care of her hair and makeup for the rest of the game.

  34. The Hot Shot Model’s spotlight has gone out. The Web Page is history, she got snubbed by the WNBA, she can’t get a broadcaster’s job, she can’t get a modeling job, and now she has gone to another country to play basketball, so she doesn’t have to get a job. What a Super Star.

  35. No doubt Dude, this chick is a big time bust. I read a story the other day, and laughed my ass off. It was trying to explain away her not getting drafted to the WNBA. It said that there was some confusion as to whether she wanted to play pro ball. I remember when she left Tennessee, she told every reporter that would listen to her that she didn’t want to play in empty WNBA arenas, and that she was going to be the next host of Sports Center.

    She also got her a “cut rate Boob Job.” You could see one of the scars in the photos from the “S. I. Shoot.”

    Her dog and pony show is over. She will either be a Bank Teller, or be doing cheap Porn Flicks with her Big Fake Boobs!

  36. three-way with her and coach summitt, but summitt has to have a clipboard

  37. I’d do it, if for no other reason to rub it into all my UT friends’ faces since I am a Georgia fan but go to a small school 15 minutes from UT.

  38. alright so here’s “the scoop” on brittany jackson I used to date her younger sister (Lindsey) and I can say brains DEFINITELY DO NOT run in their gene pool neither of them are very smart. YES her tits are fake she got them as a present for graduating college. Sex wise she’s not really in to white guys anymore but from what I’ve walked in on adn heard about she’s an AMAZING lay.

  39. wow. i cant believe how low some of you people are? well this is brittany’s sister Lindsey and i just want all of you to know that she is a great person and sister and everything you guys are saying about her is wrong. how can you judge somebody when you dont even know them! brittany is doing great overseas thank you! shes doing what she loves and getting paid. and shes def not fake! i believe i know my sis the best and i know she is wonderful, but all of these harsh things that you guys are saying about her doesnt matter bc she doesnt care about any of you. her fam is what matters the most! some of you guys act like you are perfect little angels haha wake up! your not! wow this just shows you how mean society can be today! its ok though bc i still love my sister no matter what!

  40. Everyone out there that’s hating on her and saying she hasn’t done anything in two years since graduating college should check their facts. Aside from everything she accomplished with the Lady Vols (which is more than most people can say they’ve accomplished!), she’s been playing professional ball ever since graduating. She was in the NWBL (the other pro league in the U.S. that disbanded last year), where she was a league All Star and ranked second in the league for three pointers (and third for free throws). She was top ten in scoring too. Now she’s playing overseas and was the leading scorer in Turkey…where most of the WNBA players are competing in the ‘off time’ from the league (Cappie Pondexter, Sophia Young, Vickie Johnson, Tammy Sutton-Brown, etc.)…and she outplayed ALL OF THOSE WNBA ALL STARS. She’s now playing pro ball in Poland (which is another really good league) and it looks like she’ll be in the WNBA this year. So don’t just throw comments out there if you don’t know your facts.

  41. Brittany just signed a pro contract with the Atlanta expansion team in the WNBA…

  42. I do her. Hell, Brit’s the one that would need the LIs to do me. And for the guy that trashed her about going to school with her and fakeness, dream world, et all … sounds like she shot your ass down for a date and this is your sorry annonymous way of getting back at her.

    Signed Chuck… had to do that because I don’t have a name on the choices they give.

  43. Yes I would. But am surprised she is in the 90% range on the poll.

  44. The other “pro league” consisted of four teams, and had some games canceled because the gym rent from the prior games wasn’t paid, and the doors were locked..

    Brittany was “CUT” by the Atlanta Dream during the 1st week, and she is officially a “has been..”

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