Would you do…Annika Sorenstam?

Why we might:

The easy answer: She probably knows some wild things to do with a 9-iron.

The more in-depth answer: When not golfing, Sorenstam, 37, likes to cook.

Food and the bedroom — at least to us — are two very different things. Food is for eating and the bedroom is for hot animal sex. Mixing the two has never done it for us.

Still, if Annika likes to cook, by golly, we aren’t gonna get in her way. We’ll let her cook up strawberries, chocolate sauce and some Chicken fucking Marsala in our bedroom any day.

Why we might not:
The easy answer: The Swedish thing isn’t really working for her.

The more in-depth answer: There’s a difference between a woman being hot and being sexy. Make sense? Annika’s definitely a good-looking woman, but she doesn’t ooze sex the way, say, a stripper does.

Do we really like strippers? Yes. Do we find a way to mention them at all costs? Yes. End of discussion. If Annika was a highly-successful golfer who stripped on the side, well, we’d want to bang her more than we do now.

The answer: Tough call. We like knowing that she can handle a long stick. She might even get wild and try to shove one of those things up an unfamiliar hole. Seem fucked up? It is. But we hear (from TV) that it’s awesome! Let’s say five…err…eight Long Islands to lose all inhibitions, and she can make some fondue — the kind for kinky adult play — and we’ll have an enjoyable evening.

All right, folks. The polls are open (nice new edition, huh?). But don’t shy away from the comments. Want a golf club up your ass? You don’t? Pussy. You’ll surely need at least a drink before you give Annika a new club. Maybe six. Let the world know down below…

Would you do…Annika Sorenstam
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14 Responses

  1. I dunno, she can drive the ball further than me. That would hurt my ego very much so. I think she has a bigger penis than me also. Given that, I’m on the fence.

  2. chicken fucking marsala… classic

    that’s why you’re the best

  3. I always thought she was a switch hitter…if you remember back a few years ago, Sports Illustrated did a photo shoot of her…her body is a freakin machine!!!!

    Like I always said, it takes a lot for me to say no…I would do her…6 LIs and then it is time to see if I could hit one in the ole bunker – if you know what I mean!

  4. Am I the only one thats never voted no? It really says something.

  5. There is something about Annika that makes me think it might be worth taking a 3 wood in the ass. Count me in, Mr. Belding.

  6. It feels good to finally say this:

    Hell F’ing No!

  7. Of course……….She is attractive, albeit not in a feminine way. I remember an older gentleman telling me that you never pass up a piece of ass, no matter what. As I approach 40 yrs old, I see his logic. Yes it is….

  8. Oh Hell yeah. Although I seem to be remembering that I don’t think I have ever voted no either. Hmmm.

  9. yeah uhm. It’s hard to say because she always looks so manly. Maybe if she got all dolled up she’d look good. I’ll say that with the right outfit and about 5 LI’s I’d go there.

  10. Never. One of my favorite female athletes for a long time, and a class act. She deserves respect.

  11. Met her a few times – perhaps 5% body fat on that woman, easy answer here *YES I would* and would be shocked if I did not enjoy it.

  12. DO HER! I’d Marry Her!!!!! She is one of the Hottest women alive! That HARD, Hot, Sexy body, that accent! Who could say NO? I hope this next marriage of her’s goes up-in-smoke too. I’ll be there to get her! She’s FANTASTIC!


  13. For some reason, I think she is one of the hottest women I have ever seen. Why? I don’t know.

  14. I think she’s pretty in a handsome kind of way. But, I’ll bet her bunghole is so tight, she drops teent-tiny/nut turds only.

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