All-Star game: you watchin’?

We can’t remember the last time we saw the All-Star game. 1998 maybe.

Our job often has us on a camping trip that un-magical Tuesday in July. Maybe it’s a good thing. The game’s never done anything for us except leave us longing to end Joe Buck’s life with a rubber band.

For the first time, we had a chance to go the game. Though we won’t be going. (See the first sentence of the above paragraph). Being Giants season ticket holders has a few perks. And by a few, we really mean All-Star tickets. And seeing Bonds crack No. 756 could be cool and historic and controversial and historic.

Our opinions are clear, but it don’t mean shit. We’re much more interested in what you think. Are you folks fans of the MLB All-Star game? Will you watch the whole thing? First three innings? Watch until you can’t stand Buck and Tim McCarver anymore. So like two and a half minutes?

Let us know. In the comments.

Oh, and our dad and brother went to the Home Run thingy. We’ll try to have a full report with lots of pictures later this week. Until then, go National League. Though we’re really rooting for a brawl. Or a tie.


12 Responses

  1. I’ll watch the first 5 innings or so….

    The MLB All_Star game is better than the NBA and NFL…is there still a hockey All-Star game???

    BTW – National League wins this year

  2. When do we get the apology for Rios post a**holes?

  3. I like the all-star game becuase the guys try, no one wants to embarrass themselves. That being said, I will probably just be checking in on it every so often.

  4. Yeah I agree the MLB All-Star game is the best. Only one where the fundamentals of the game aren’t completely thrown out the window in the name of exciting dunks/bombs/tic-tac-toe passes.

  5. No.

    Well, maybe a few moments to see who this Russell Martin guy is, but after that, nothing.

  6. Not until the All-Star game determines who gets first pick in the draft, who wins the World Series, and which manager’s wife will be executed after the game. The stakes must be raised on this exhibition, damnit. Enough of this pussy-footing around.

  7. What choice do we have? Figure skating’s not my thing. Nor is quality time with my wife.

    [TURF TOE]

  8. Hmmm… baseball all-star game or yet another night of going blind and trying to grow hair on my palms?

  9. Saying that MLB’s version of an all-star game is the best among major sports is akin to arguing which is the most socially-redeeming of Ernest P. Worrell’s films.

    That said, I’ll watch the pre-game intros for the following reasons:

    1) Bonds’ welcome (there’s always the chance syringes will be tossed.)
    2) Jim Leyland’s trot to the third-base line (there’s always the chance of the first nationally-televized heart attack.)

  10. That was the first home run derby that I’ve missed in a long time, and appartently I didn’t miss jack shit

  11. I watched the bottom of the 9th… that was it… that was enough for me.

  12. The all-star game is only entertaining to watch with people in your fantasy league so you can argue over players and determine the value of your players by one at bat or one inning pitched

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