Lorenzo Mata is probably wishing he was in the NBA already

Good news, NBA players! If you’re single, have a “huge ego” and happen to have read the classifieds of the most recent Sports Weekly, surely you know you’re being “sought by beautiful woman, 41.”

We can’t imagine a more successful way to court an NBA star. Because, you know, NBAers check out the personals in Sports Weekly pretty regularly.

Oh, sorry for teasing you this long. telitsyn@shaw.ca

Comment starter: Which huge-ego NBAer hits this first?

-Adam Landres-Schnur


5 Responses

  1. LoMata is going to punish-fuck your huskies at least twice this year

  2. Mata is the ugliest player of all time. Does he have Down’s Syndrome?

  3. The same way Florida owned you guys two years running t.c?

  4. t.c.,

    punish-fuck is a great verb. i’ll have to use it sometime.

    and, unfortunately, i think you’re right about the huskies thing. eeesh.

  5. mookie,

    new year, new hope

    i grew up in boston, thats what i live by

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