Hey, that’s not how it ended

Seen the new NCAA ’08 ads? You should. Pretty, pretty, prettaaay good.

You can see all of them here, but our favorite is below.


7 Responses

  1. I want to see the commercial where Miami beats Ohio State and the ref doesn’t throw a fucking flag 8 full seconds after the play was finished. Still bitter

  2. The great thing about these spots is that you know these guys actually play this game. I especially like the Leinart playing Texas spot.


  3. Where is the Friday Would You Do???

  4. i knew you’d love this, somehow i knew

  5. Would you do… Friday will be back next week. Been trying to space them out a bit more…

  6. Gotta love the irony. I wonder if you can run that play in the actual video game.

  7. I have this game for the regular XBox… pretty awesome.

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