Would you do…???

Believe it or not, we’re already 14 deep in our second round of “Would you dos…” You better believe that another tournament is on its way, but before we close out the preliminary round, we need your help, hornballs.

We’re looking for the final two contestants (contestants?) for “Would you do…. Round 2.” The two winning selections will get a shoutout, link or mediocre-to-bad handjob from NFL Adam. You can see the previous 14 athletes here or on the right sidebar below the blogroll.

Some suggestions:

-We want a relatively current and well known athlete. (Think somebody who will get Googled.)
-A woman debatable. Any straight man would do Carmen Electra. Let’s make it somebody who’s cute, but not unbelievably hot.
-It needs to be a female athlete. But you already knew that. We think. If you didn’t, this site would be having some identity issues right about now.

It’s play time in the comments. Tear this motherfucker apart.


42 Responses

  1. Paula Creamer…

  2. what about Tanith Belbin or Sasha Cohen?

  3. what about lauren jackson?

  4. mmmmmmmmmmm sasha

  5. actually I think a pro volleyball player like misty may, kerri walsh, or whoever could be good

  6. I second the lauren jackson comment.

  7. I second Paula Creamer. As for a skater, Sasha is a pretty easy yes, so what about Sarah Hughes?

  8. Lauren Jackson’s already one of the 14.

    Amy Acuff was in Playboy, but she’s middle-of-the-pack for me. If table tennis counts, how about Biba Golic?

    Maybe a random female bowler?

    This is difficult, since most of the aforementioned women are no-brainers for me. You almost have to pick someone with a butter face (or the lesser-known butter body) to make it worthwhile.

  9. Kristen Kjellman

  10. How about a triathlete, like Desiree Ficker, Andrea Fisher, or Jessi Stensland? A lot of them are pretty hot, but not exactly the most voluptuous, if you know what I mean.

  11. Nicole Vaidisova – Tennis

  12. Summer Sanders
    Martina Hingis

    Love how you want “current and known,” but recently had “Ice” (not her real name), age 44, popular 15 years ago, if ever. 😉

  13. Caitlin Lowe – USA softball

    Logan Tom – volleyball

  14. Leinart’s baby momma

  15. Jennie Finch – softball, or check out Natalie Gulbis on the golf channel.

  16. How could you forget:

    – Natalie Gulbis
    – Jennie Finch
    – Summer Sanders

    The remaining spots have to go to two of these three

  17. touche, Fletch.

  18. I second Tanith Belbin

  19. Morgan Pressel

  20. I would pick Maria Sharapova.

    I find her extremely hot but a lot of guys I know don’t.

    Also, Carmen Electra is a filthy whore and I wouldn’t touch her panties if you paid me. Just too high a risk of STD’s.

  21. cammi granato, not an obvious choice, but most likely the best looking female hockey player ever, cause they are rare to find

  22. Becky Hammon and Diana Taurasi both fit the criteria. Though Hammon fits a lot better.

  23. Natalie Coughlin

    Heather Mitts

    Anastasia Myskina

    Jamie Sale

  24. Lorena Ochoa

    Michelle Kwan

  25. jenn sterger

  26. third for tanith belbin

  27. Who wouldn’t do Tanith Belbin? Who wouldn’t do Jenn Sterger? Pick a butter face!

  28. heather mitts

  29. Carli Lloyd…look her up

  30. Carli Lloyd is my current U.S. Women’s Soccer crush.

    But I vote for Sasha Cohen, because we need a contender for the title. I mean, you can’t tell me that this isn’t making at least the semifinals.

  31. Daniela Hantuchová (hey, she’s got her own awful website–maybe rampant egomania is a worth some “no” votes) and second to Jamie Sale

  32. how ’bout Katerina Witt–2007 version, not 1987? Age hasn’t been all that kind…

  33. kerri strug. or pickaboo street.

  34. jennifer barretta

  35. ashley force

  36. i’m not sure when this is from, but katerina witt looks alright in these nude pics (nsfw).

  37. Daniela Hantuchova
    Jelena Jankovic
    (tennis players)

  38. ESPN’s Dana Jacobsen

  39. Sue Bird

  40. Penny Taylor

  41. I’ve picked out the best of what’s already listed and added two of my own. I’m sure all you frat boys can find about 18,000 hot college athletes. Hop to it; if this is any indication, it’s not like you fuckers are studying.

    Tanith Belbin, Heather Mitts, Becky Hammon, Ashley Force, Jenn Sterger (DNQ as athlete), Michelle Kwan (aka Khan, Jr.), Penny Taylor, Ana Ivanovic, Gisela Dulko.

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