Best sporting day of the year

Holy shit! The summer can be soooo boring. Like nothing happened yesterday. We don’t think. A new video game was like the big story. We found ourselves watching the Food Network, followed by some shit on Oxygen, followed by Sportscenter fucking Sponge Bob.

To revert to happier times, back when watching TV was fun, Hypothetical Wednesday will focus on the best sporting day of the year from the perspective of a TV-watching fan.

Some things to consider:

-multiple games on said day?
-big party event?
-are tits somehow involved?
-could you, theoretically, watch a sporting event from the time you wake up, until the time you go to sleep?

We long for a day full of sports viewing, so bring back that loving feeling in the comments.


11 Responses

  1. First weekend in October. NFL and College FB in full swing, and the start of the baseball playoffs.

    Can I say “weekend” and have it count as a sports “day?”

  2. what about march madness on the west coast. you wake up and its already started…but it does only give you one sport…unless hockey or the nba is your thing

  3. watching first round NCAA tournament games at a strip club

  4. super bowl sunday

  5. Right when MLB is in posteseason, NBA has just started and NFL is going all at once. That’s a hell of a sports day. And you get dance teams/cheerleaders all throughout the day.

    BTW, can you add me to your blogroll?

  6. I agree with WCT….that first weekend in October….between the baseball playoffs, NFL, college football, high school football….


  7. Usually, its the month of September: baseball is getting towards the good races, and football gearing up. (I often spend the month singing “It’s the most Wonderful Time of the Year” — I mean, forget xmas! This is sports!) Of course, this year the Giants suck, so its just not the same.

  8. Opening Day.

    And New Year’s Day. Oh, wait, those bowl games don’t really mean a fucking thing.

  9. The best sporting day of the year is the Saturday before the Super Bowl. Nothing beats a bar-hopping caravan through the California desert into Las Vegas. Six bars, six hours and Cannonball Run playing on the in-house DVD player. Nothing beats it.

    Though, the first day of March Madness is cool, too.

  10. 1) Thursday/Friday at the start of the NCAA Tourney. (i count it as one)

    2) First day of the NFL season.

  11. Leave it to NFL Adam to post an answer to the question that makes you say “wha?”

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