Micah Owings is ‘roiding…

…Or he just had a helluva game Saturday.

In his first game in his home state as a major-leaguer, Micah Owings had perhaps the game of his life, pitching seven innings and going 4 for 5 at the plate with two home runs and six RBIs as the Diamondbacks trounced the Atlanta Braves 12-6.

Going 4-5 with two jacks and six RBIs doesn’t happen too much, so when it does happen and it’s a pitcher doing it, well, people like us take note.

We think it’s really cool. Oh shit. That’s a great game. He surely had a threesome later that night.

But there are skeptics out there these days, and as our homeboy Josh at The Beautiful Game would say about Owings’ colossal game, “he’s juiced!”


6 Responses

  1. 11 total bases… that’s decent, I guess.

  2. I saw that box score… ridiculous. Never a good thing to serve up two home runs to the same guy, but if the two home runs are to a pitcher, the server-upper should contemplate retirement.

  3. With the Diamondbacks playing the Cubs soon, I am afraid for my team. So help me god if he hits a home run off of us…

  4. He could DH for the White Sox.

  5. he’s definitely on the juice…

    hey, that sounds like a pretty cool feature, “_____ is on the juice”

  6. gmoney, I was going to say the same thing about the Angels.

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