Hang with Urban Meyer. It’ll be fun! And really expensive!

If you happen to have $1 million lying around – and who doesn’t? – you can experience the pleasure that is hanging out with Urban Meyer.

In a prime example of creative fundraising, wealthy boosters can pay $1 million to share a meal in the home of Florida football coach Urban Meyer and spend the day with Meyer and his staff, complete with a session breaking down film. The Gainesville (Fla.) Sun reports this and other fundraising efforts will help a major renovation project at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Watching film with Coach Meyer sounds more like work than pleasure to us, but we imagine this could be the thrill of a lifetime for a Gators fan. The day-after conversation could go something like this:

Donor: Honey, it was… [catches breath and collects thoughts] … Urban Meyer! He was right there! And we watched film! On Ole Miss! And he was wearing sweats!

Donor’s Wife: What did Mrs. Meyer make for dinner?

Donor: Meatloaf! Best I’ve ever had! It was coated with ketchup! Heinz ketchup! Not that Albertson’s-brand shit you buy! And Urban Meyer was there! In his sweats!

Donor’s Wife: Get out.

That, folks, is the most expensive piece of meatloaf a man may ever eat. But…Urban Meyer! In sweats!

Adam Landres-Schnur


4 Responses

  1. Will his hottie daughter be there?

  2. If I’m paying 1 million big ones, that bitch better be making me at least some spaghetti.

  3. For ten bucks Ron Zook will let you spit on him.

  4. If I had like $100 million, I would definitely consider this.

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