Sul Ross State University must be pretty bad at football

Give a 59-year-old grandfather a D-III college football tryout, and, damn it, he’ll make the team.

That is, of course, if your name is Mike Flynt and you’re trying to win a spot on the Sul Ross State University roster.

Flynt played for the Lobos 37 years ago until he was kicked off the team right before his senior year for fighting. Turns out he still had eligibility, so he tried out and made the cut (though his position is yet to be determined). Now he’s a senior and just six years away from being a senior.

We’re pretty skeptical about the coach’s decision to give Flynt a spot on the roster. The guy’s 59 for crying out loud. He’s a card-carrying member of AARP. His dad was in the Battle of the Bulge.

This is either a great marketing move by the university, or the Lobos are gonna go winless this season.

Adam Landres-Schnur


6 Responses

  1. We must protect this lawn!

  2. Another shining example of how great America’s youth is…

  3. My post on the subject was much less cynical. 😉 But I tend to agree that the best part of the story is him coming back at all, not him going out there and getting laid out on the first play of the season.

  4. If people still think Paterno and Bowden can coach at 80 plus, this guy should be able to play. And when he finishes, if I was an NFL team I would darft him Mr. Irrelevant just for the fun of it. Congrats old dude, here is your week in the sun.

  5. Oops meant draft, not darft. Not sure what darfting is, sounds XXX.

  6. Don’t be too quick to write off Sul Ross. Flynt didn’t make it onto the field, which implies that they were able to find someone better able to play than an alum from the 70s.

    Maybe he’ll get in for a play before the end of the year.

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