Bowden or Carr?

Who would you rather have coaching your team these days: Bobby Bowden or Lloyd Carr?

Make your case — and it better be a good one — in the comments.


12 Responses

  1. I would have to go with Carr. Now yes I know that they just went down to the 2-time 1AA National Champs but what were you expecting they were playing the #1 team in the country. Also as a NCSU student I know that if Chuck Amato is the “Disciplinarian” of the staff then FSU is in for one yellow season

  2. I think I’d rather have Herm Edwards…and he’s certifiably retarded.

  3. Have to be Carr.
    At least he still understands the game.
    Bowden is essentially George Bush- He’s in charge but he has no idea of what the hell is going on.

  4. Carr.
    Bowden looked good, once, a longtime ago. Kind of like Carmen Electra

  5. B2….at least Bobby Bowden never lost to a fucking I-AA school….

    By the way, I would still fuck Carmen Electra

  6. Carr. Simply for the fact that I find Bowden unbelievably annoying. Can’t stand the guy. Ugh.

  7. anonymous, 8:48 am,

    I think you’re right on the money there. Bowden basically is the face of the program, but it pretty much stops there.

    anonymous, 8:49 am,,

    watch what you say about Carmen around these parts! 🙂

  8. As seems to be the consensus here, Carr got embarrassed last weekend, but he’s probably better overall. Plus, now maybe Carr will coach better…

  9. Dude, I was at FSU for 6 yrs. This is a tough one. Carr seems incompetent and Bowden is a figure head. But Bowden is a great recruiter and booster will keep giving money as long as he stays alive. Carr can’t say that.

  10. Jordi is right, Bowden can recruit his balls off. While Ron Zook hasn’t shown that good recruiting makes up for bad coaching, I’d still even have Bowden coaching.

  11. BB lost to Clemson. A D 1 football power, SEC team, crazed fans and all. Michigan (and I live in MI) lost to Appalachian State. A small school named after a mountain range known for third world like poverty. Yeah, tough call.

  12. clemson is an ACC team

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