Introducing the "Would you do… Round 2" Tournament

So that big thing we were talking about earlier in the week…yeah, another “Would you do…” tourney! Our 16 women are ready to duke it out in a month-long contest to declare “most-fuckable” supremacy.

All of the voting that you’ve done hasn’t gone to waste. Not by a long shot. That served as our greatest measure of how to seed the entries.

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

-We’ll shoot to do a round per week, though we may spread the first round over two weeks.
-Voting (simple majority) on who you’d rather do will dictate who moves on.
-That’s pretty much it. It’s a basic fucking tournament. You know how this works.

With that, here’s the bracket and we’ll begin play next week.

See larger version by clicking on the picture.

Use the comments to leave your thoughts on who you think will win it all, darkhorses, the dangerous 12/5 match up, etc. FYI, we really like former Tennessee hoopster Brittany Jackson to make a deep run. Jackson and Stokke in the Final Four could be huge. And Beard, with her recent Playboy spread, could become a factor.

We highly recommend that you print out the bracket and start some office pools. If your friends at the office aren’t familiar with our little series, tell them it’s a sophisticated discussion about banging chicks who play sports. They’ll surely be down to join the pool.

Bet, bet, bet. Pete Rose has gotta be down.

As for that awesome bracket, well, we pretty much made it ourselves, using the first one as a model. But our friends at The M Zone gave us the template after constant pestering, so we’ll do our best to get them laid every day this tourney is going on.

23 Responses

  1. Mowatt…this just isn’t Stokke’s year.

  2. I posted my full bracket here.

    I like Brittany Jackson over Sasha Cohen in the finals.

  3. If Brynn Cameron didn’t blow anyone that could throw a football, she would be my favorite.

  4. “Sorrenstam?!? I am outraged that this mid-major made it in to the tournament”- Billy Packer

  5. What? How can you have a this sort of tournament without Gulbis as a top seed?

  6. What? How can you have a this sort of tournament without Gulbis as a top seed?

  7. I’ve gotta go with Stokke over Sasha Cohen in the final. With all the buzz about Stokke this year I think it’s gonna be tough to beat her.

  8. I’m going to hold you to that “getting us laid” part.

  9. My personal Final Four: Stokke, Beard, Cowen, Cameron. Stokke and Cowen in the final… and I think I take Stokke.

    I don’t think that’s how it will play out though. I see Mowatt beating Cowen in the 2nd round and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Wie upset Beard in the 12/5.

    I think the top right bracket is the week region. If Danica, Wie, or Cohen were up there I think they would be an easy choice to be a low seed in the final four.

  10. Mowatt vs. Cohen in the Elite 8 will be the best matchup of this tournament.

  11. No Hope Solo?!? This tournament is rigged…

  12. Wie seeded below Sorenstam? Blasphemous. Wie’s legal, right? Um…

  13. yost, i’ll see what i can do…you guys have hookers in Ann Arbor, yes?

  14. final four

    stokke over jackson
    cameron over mowatt


    cameron over stokke

  15. So many Sasha Cohen lovers out here??? Zach, if I were you I’d be scared that a majority of my readers want to know what Johnny Weir’s dick tastes like.

  16. Kudos on getting the Black Widow in the mix. She’s naughty.

  17. I have been waiting for this tourney….

    Allison Stokke should easily make the Final Four….

    Brittany Jackson will win her bracket too, I expect a good Elite Eight match-up vs. Amanda Beard, but Britt will win it

    Wow, that upper right bracket sucks….

    The lower right bracket – I could see Sasha Cohen pulling the upset here

    Honestly though, Allison Stokke and Brittany Jackson should be your final 2, but they will end up meeting in the Final 4 instead…

    I say Brit wins it all

  18. serena in an upset… heh, heh, heh

  19. Do the final 4 women have a little orgy or something to decide who the most doable?

    If so, I’m in.

    If not, I’m in. Bukkake style.

  20. Serena 16?! Candace Parker13?! But yet Horse Face Amanda Beard 5?!?! Boy, I gotta tell ya, I dont understand some people

  21. Zach, if I were you I’d be scared that a majority of my readers want to know what Johnny Weir’s dick tastes like.

    I would imagine it would taste like some dude’s ass.

    Stoke over Mowatt in the final, just because it would be predictable (and not in a bad way).

  22. Mowatt is taking this thing

  23. Stokke versus Danica for the quarterfinals, for sure; Stokke beats Danica because she’s hot young pussy. Brittany Jackson in the final four, despite being a dumbass, because frankly, Amanda Beard just isn’t all that. Mowatt should get to the final four over Sasha; only Michelle Kwan or Katerina Witt would ever win a beauty bracket because they actually look like grown women. And Jeanette Lee for the other Final Four spot; rice beats blonde MILF (Cameron).

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