"Would you do… Round 2" Tournament: No. 4 Brittany Jackson vs. No. 13 Candace Parker

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 2” Tournament is all about, read this first).

It’s a Vol versus a Vol. Like the fucking Civil War.

No. 4 Brittany Jackson:

Why we might:
Blond hair, blue eyes, tan skin. Do we need to keep going?
Why we might not: She’s possibly a closest lezbo.
Regular season “record”: 89% yes-11% no.

No. 13 Candace Parker:

Why we might:
To get closer to her championship ring.
Why we might not: 6-4, 170 lbs. That’s like two of us.
Regular season “record”: 64% yes-36% no.

Which Vol moves on is up to you…

Who would you rather do?
Brittany Jackson
Candace Parker

8 Responses

  1. Man head versus Joker smile.

  2. Really, I want to support a sista. And Candace’s face is certainly easier on the eye than Serena Williams’ mug. But Brittany Jackson’s got the big, albeit fake, tits and she’s pretty. I can pass up pretty, especially if the body is banging. But tits? Not a chance. Not at all.

    But given the high number of people who seem to dislike Brittany for all sorts of reasons, this will be another Beard-Wie/Danica-Cat Osterman close call.

  3. What are you people doing voting for Candice Parker? She’s a beast. Brittany, albeit a lesser beast, is still hot.

    Brittany FTW.

    She’ll beat Amanda in the second round too.

  4. the first round of this contest always sucks… almost always a blow out… should have done the first round of this one with the first round of the last one and then you would be cooking with gas!

  5. Brit is my girl to win this whole fucking tourney

  6. anonymous 8:25,

    you’re on to something there!

  7. I’d fuck’em both, even in the ass. Then I’d blow a load in Brittany’s asshole and watch Candace felch it out.

    As for the Williams sisters – well let’s just say that they are very manly. In fact, I would be willing to bet that the “masculine” look is from using performance enhancing drugs. They are synthetic analogs of male hormones you know.

    Yeah I said it. I think Serena and Venus Williams have used Steroids.

  8. Oh yeah, and I’d eat Maria Sharapova all night over Candace or Brittany. I’d spank her with her Tennis Racket.

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