Big Picture Categories: Relocated franchises

King’s Cup might be the best drinking game out there. Everyone has their own version, there’s ample drinking and sometimes — on a few lucky occasions — hot chicks end up naked. One of the best “games” in King’s Cup is Categories, which often is represented by the Jack card. In Categories, the person who draws the card says a category (fast food joints, baseball stadiums, etc.) and everyone must go around the circle naming one until somebody stumbles. When that person fucks up, they drink. Make sense? Good.

In every major sports league, there are a slew of teams that started in one city and moved to another. Like the BASEketball joke goes, “the Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles where there are no lakes. The Oilers moved to Tennessee where there is no oil. The Jazz moved to Salt Lake City where they don’t allow music.”

So today’s category is naming those teams that started in one city and moved to another. It’s OK if the mascot name has changed (i.e. Houston Oilers became the Tennessee Titans). We’ll start and you guys continue in the comments. You can go again after every five comments. There are fucking hundreds of these! Blow up the comments. Whoever messes up first has to move to Salt Lake City.

We’ll keep it simple: San Francisco Giants (Original City: New York).

All right, folks. Girls dig a man who knows where the Carolina Hurricanes originated…


30 Responses

  1. Carolina Hurricanes (previously the Hartford Whalers)

  2. Baltimore Ravens (previously Cleveland Browns, even though the current Browns have ownership of the team’s history)

  3. Los Angeles Dodgers (Formerly Brooklyn Dodgers)

  4. Oakland (Formerly Philadelphia and Kansas City) A’s

  5. Minnesota Twins formerly known as The Washington Senators. come on twinks lets sign torii and trade johnan!!!!!

  6. NBA: Sacramento Kings previously the Kansas City Kings previously the Kansas City/Omaha Kings previously the Cincinnati Royals previously the Rochester Royals…

    NFL: Arizona Cardinals previously the St. Louis Cardinals previously the Chicago Cardinals

    NHL: New Jersey Devils previously the Colorado Rockies previously the Kansas City Scouts

    MLB: Atlanta Braves previously Milwaukee Braves previously Boston Braves (as well as Bees, Rustlers, Doves,Beaneaters, and Red Stockings)

  7. Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans Hornets to Oklahoma City Hornets and back to New Orleans Hornets. Whew, I need a nap.

  8. New Orleans Jazz (doesn’t that make so much more sense than Utah Jazz or New Orleans Hornets?)

  9. This blog’s sweet, you know it, we got 10 comments to show it!

    Congrats on another double digit comment post.

    Sign of a truly amazing blog.

  10. Oklahoma City Bombers (previously the Seattle SuperSonics). Coming soon……..

  11. KC Chiefs previously the Dallas Texans

  12. Phoenix Coyotes (formerly the Winnipeg Jets)

    Sorry this is cheating, but I had to go with my favorite NHL team too:

    Colorado Avalanche (formerly Quebec Nordiques)

  13. How about:

    New York Yankees formerly New York Highlanders formerly Baltimore Orioles

    and then in an interesting twist:

    Baltimore Orioles formerly St. Louis Browns…

  14. First off, this is a shout out to Matt – GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU COCKSUCKER!!!

    Now back to business…

    Los Angeles Clippers formerly San Diego Clippers formerly Buffalo Braves

  15. Also the Texas Rangers, formerly the Washington Senators.

  16. The Calgary Flames, originally from San Francisco

  17. Calgary Flames, formerly the Atlanta Flames

  18. St Louis Rams, Formerly the Los Angeles Rams

    ps, Matt – go eat a bag of dicks.

  19. St. Louis Rams formerly Los Angeles Rams formerly CLEVELAND RAMS

  20. dallas stars were originally from minnesota and were the fucking northstars. bad. ass.

  21. Here we go:

    Washington Redskins: The former Boston Braves.

    Arizona Cardinals: Formerly of Chicago and St. Louis.

    Atlanta Braves: Boston Red Stockings, then Milwaukee Braves.

    Colorado Avalanche: Quebec Nordiques.

    Indianapolis Colts: Baltimore Colts and before that, the Miami Seahawks.

    Carolina Hurricanes: Formerly the Hartford Whalers.

  22. The Detroit Black Trash used to be the Detroit Pistons and were the Fort Wayne Pistons before that.

  23. matt eats dick salad.

  24. why can’t people follow the damn rules? One at a time.

    Oakland used to be LA, used to be Oakland Raiders.

  25. Los Angeles Lakers: Originally the Minnesota Lakers and before that, the Detroit Gems of the National Basketball League, a predecessor of the NBA.

  26. I got one. This blog used to be located in CRAPLAND, but with this post, and all of these amazing commenters, we have moved it to MEDIOCRETOWN. Thank you commenters, a 26 comment post. Awesome.

  27. Memphis Grizzlies

  28. i believe the astro’s used to be the Houston Colt 45’s now that is a badass nickname. give it up for small town South Dakota i will prolly get bombed for saying that but i stumbled across this blog prolly 6 months ago and read daily along with getting my friends turned on to the big picture, love the would you do tourney go brynn cameron she is so hot id eat her out on a hot day after baseketball practice outside and she was wearing sweatpant

  29. San Diego Chargers used to be the Los Angeles Chargers and, thanks to Norv, I kinda wish they’d move back.

  30. the Washington Nationals, formerly Montreal Expos

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