"Would you do… Round 2" Tournament: No. 2 Taryne Mowatt vs. No. 15 Mia Hamm

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 2” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Can Hamm be this year’s Hampton , Coppin State or Richmond?

No. 2 Taryne Mowatt:

Why we might:
If you say no, Tim Hardaway might kill you.
Why we might not: Hard to tell from the pics, but up close on TV, her skin sorta resembles the texture of the moon. (Hey, we gotta be picky).
Regular season “record”: 93% yes-7% no.

No. 15 Mia Hamm:

Why we might: Strong thighs.
Why we might not: Strong thighs.
Regular season “record”: 58% yes-42% no.

Aging soccer star or softball hurler in her prime?

Who would you rather do?
Taryne Mowatt
Mia Hamm
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10 Responses

  1. Hamm wasn’t hot back in her prime and she hasn’t aged all that well since. Definitely not MILF-alicious.

    Mowatt on the other hand, is hot in that trashy-slutty-will-get-drunk-and-fuck-all-night kind of way. And her throws are wicked. Mowatt all the way.

  2. She may not be on MILF Island, but I hear she’s starring in America’s Next Top Pirate.

  3. nice one gmoney.

    well… I’m torn here. for whatever reason I’ve always thought Hamm was hot. Don’t ask me why. And Mowatt, believe me I see the appeal, but, again, don’t ask me why, but she’s not that great to me.

    The benefit to doing Hamm is it would be a big up yours to that asshole Nomar. On the other hand, Mowatt is probably kind of a freak.


  4. There is nothing better than an ole fashtion American whore…and Mowatt looks like that type

  5. What a sick blog. The amount of people that read and comment, is what …7? Amazing. I seriously love this blog, keep it up. Also, commenters, keep up the excellent work, we might reach 50 comments for our history next month.

  6. Matt, what pleasure does it give you to come on here and talk shit about the number of comments? Who are you to judge? Did Zach insult you on your blog or something? Do you have a personal vendetta against him because his dick is 5000 times the size of yours? Are you just an asshole with nothing better to do? A disgruntled Dodger fan? I don’t get it. Care to explain why you’re such a fucking bitch? Better yet, don’t explain yourself, and do as all a favor and just go away. Goodbye.

  7. Well said dawg, well said. No, I’m not hatin on the blog. Do you read my posts? I am complimenting the blog. Are you suggesting that this blog is not good? How could you? I don’t even want to know how you know how big a guy’s dick is, but that’s another topic.

  8. Geeeez. Does nobody visit this blog on the weekends? Don’t you look for a new post. Or does that never happen? Am I the only dedicated reader of “The Big Picture”?

  9. dude matt, it’s gettin’ old, man.

    if you are interested in the visitor stats, you can find that link on the right sidebar. look for the “sitemeter” logo.

  10. age + nomar = thumbs down

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