"Would you do… Round 2" Tournament: No. 2 Taryne Mowatt vs. No. 7 Sasha Cohen

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do… Round 2” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Upset alert? Well, when is there gonna be one?

No. 2 Taryne Mowatt:

Why we might:
If you say no, Tim Hardaway might kill you.
Why we might not: Hard to tell from the pics, but up close on TV, her skin sorta resembles the texture of the moon. (Hey, we gotta be picky).
Regular season “record”: 93% yes-7% no.
First round: Defeated Mia Hamm 78%-22%.

No. 7 Sasha Cohen:

Why we might:
Why we might not: Not great tits.
Regular season “record”: 83% yes-17% no.
First round: Defeated Lauren Jackson 58%-42%.

The winner will fill out the Final Four…

Who would you rather do?
Taryne Mowatt
Sasha Cohen
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20 Responses

  1. Hot vs. Cute

    After some research I’m gonna have to go with Sasha. Taryne’s hot but I see chicks like her every day on campus.

  2. Once again I went with the lower seed in hopes of an upset…

    Plus, Sasha has that cute thing going…while Mowatt looks like a fucking machine….

    Gotta go with the cute thing this time

  3. Cohen for me. Too much of a little girl in the looks, but Cohen is cute. I’d try her out once.

    Mowatt, on the other hand, has the high level of tramp-stamp-pierced-nipple-pierced lab-drink-and-fuck-hard skankiness I generally like in my white trash hos without an equal level of hotness or sex appeal. I can find better than her walking around Downtown Indianapolis at lunchtime. And have.

  4. Meanwhile I nominate Adrienne Acton for the next “Would you do…” A brunette with beautiful eyes and more importantly, a cute, tight ass. She’s got that whole girl-next-store-but-slutty-on-the-sneak-tip thing going on.

  5. all us commenters are on the Cohen bandwagon… but she’s losing! C’mon people, get out there are campaign for my girl Sasha. She’s the one baby!

  6. MOWATT!!! Borat’s twin looks like a 10 year old.

  7. Mowatt is winning 58-percent to 42 percent. But she was winning by over sixty percent earlier. The margin is narrowing.

  8. your campaigning is working! cohen’s getting close!

  9. I might start a letter writing campaign. If only facebook wasn’t blocked at work I could get out a message invoking all my friends to vote for our fellow jew.

  10. Wow. Finally a close match.

  11. Cohen can maybe pull off the upset….

    Mowatt is just another tramp that I see at all the bars….Cohen is more of a fine woman

  12. Cohen has to win this one. You guys don’t even have her best picture up there:


    I’m sorry, that clinches it for me.

  13. This is much closer than I expected.

    Phillips, that link doesn’t work… Anyone else?

  14. If you double click it should select the whole address, it doesn’t show up on the page but copy and paste it and it should work. I think. At least it does for me.


    Vote for Sasha!!

  16. Taryne doesn’t do it for me– she doesn’t look any different than the girls you see on any college campus.

    Sasha is just flat out gorgeous.

  17. Mowatt is the type of broad that you hit and leave in the streets. She looks like a lush and may pass out on you before you get the chance. Sasha is flexible and most likely a tight little piece. If y’all don’t have a problem with Stokke, I don’t see how the little girl issue is relevant.

    That said, quit with the lobbying.

  18. yes yes yes Sasha FTW!!!

    PS Phillips, thank you, VERY nice pic

  19. No problem on the pic, I wish I knew how to make a link to it in comments. But yeah, I think that picture needs to be seen before you can make an accurate judgment in this contest.

  20. I don’t think Taryne looks like a tramp… just because she’s blonde. If you look at her ESPY pictures and recent pictures she has on her myspace, she is very beautiful and she has that whole athletic sexy look to her. Just my opinion. Plus you can fantasize about her without feeling like a dirty old man unlike when you think about Sasha and she looks 12!

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