Update: Mowatt vs. Cohen

Holy bukkake! Sasha Cohen took about a 20-vote lead over Ms. Taryne Mowatt over the weekend — a huge swing! Either the lobbying of certain commenters helped or Mowatt doesn’t know how to close a game.

With such a close race, we’re gonna leave the polls open for another day. If you haven’t voted yet, you can do so from this post.

May the best woman win…

3 Responses

  1. Zach, you may have a scandal on your hands if Cohen wins because the polls were left open longer…I’m smelling Supreme Court babeee!!!

    Are there any hanging chads???…

  2. Sara’s already won. Close down the poll. It’s been open all weekend anyway and those who got a chance to vote have already done so. Besides, I want to get to the real main event: Stokke versus Brittany Jackson. Because no matter who wins Cohen versus Mowatt, Stokke’s gonna come out the winner anyway.

  3. SASHA! SASHA! SASHA! gotta love a jewish girl.

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