Yi Jianlian would totally hit it

This, apparently, is the largest woman in the world. She’s 7-foot-4, 320 pounds and lives in Holland. Who knew the Dutch liked their hookers so big?

WNBA, sweetheart. Take your game (game?) to the WNBA.


8 Responses

  1. Shit. I might have to climb up that chick and fuck her. And I’ll do her little friend too.

  2. Look at those sandbags, that’s ridiculous.

  3. I would totally fuck that. Like George Costanza, I want to fuck a giant. But not Michael Strahan.

  4. who wouldnt want to pound on that big bitch

  5. Oh my god. I would be proud to pound that piece.

  6. I love tall chicks….but it’s always a looong way to the bottom.

  7. she’d totally feel something, i swear

  8. She’s 6’5″ and lives in Las Vegas.

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